Southern Baptist Convention

We are looking for a pastor to lead our congregation of loving believers into a closer walk with Jesus. We are praying for a man with a primary focus on the pastoral ministry. Some of these duties would include sermon preparation, visitation, Bible study, counseling, and building relationships both within the church and with the community.


A degree from seminary is not a requirement, but proof of consistent pursuit of knowledge and learning is. Evidence of Southern Baptist doctrine is important and should be reflected on a verifiable resume

Set in Southwest Colorado in the Four Corners Area, we are located in the middle of an area that people flock to in the Summers and Winters for outdoor activities such as hiking, Fishing, skiing, hunting, camping along with those that just want to get away from it all.

Area demographics consist of farming, ranching, and service industry along with the cultural diversity of both Navajo and Ute Native American reservations close by. The cost of living in Cortez is below that of the Colorado averages. More info here: There is also a Southern Baptist Camp, Hesperus Camp, just up the road about 45 minutes away.


Ron Knezek
(970) 529-3439

Baptist Chapel

1509 N Dolores Rd
Cortez, CO 81321