Southern Baptist Convention

Victory Baptist Chinese Church of Rochester
Sincerely Seeking a full time Chinese Pastor / Minister:
- Having clear calling and full dedication to the ministry, with godly character and a pastor's heart.
- Upholding faith and doctrines of the Southern Baptist Church.
- Equipped at an Evangelical Seminary. Master's degree or above preferred.
- Preaching in Mandarin. Able to communicate in English.

285 East Henrietta Road
Rochester, NY 14620
Contact: Pastor Search Committee / Mitchell Lin
Telephone: (585) 820-0323


1. He shall be the spiritual leader and shepherd of the church, upholder of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Constitution and By-Laws of the church, and the leader’s covenant of the VBCCR.
2. He shall preach and arrange Sunday sermons, officiate Holy Communion and Baptism. He shall also officiate wedding, funeral, and other ceremonies of VBCCR.
3. He shall teach and lead Bible study, fellowship meeting, and/or Sunday school when necessary.
4. He shall provide counseling and visitation to people in need.
5. He shall be a role model in sharing the gospel through personal evangelism and lead people to Christ.
6. He shall lead or arrange church prayer meeting on Wednesday night, Tuesday morning, and Sunday before service.
7. He shall call and moderate, together with the deacon’s chair, all the meetings of the ministers and the Deacon’s Committee.
8. He shall be an ex-officio member of every ministry, committee, or board of VBCCR.
9. He shall supervise the recruiting process of any new staff of VBCCR, and provide leadership to all the staff.
10. He shall examine the qualification of any new member, deacon, teacher, or ministry leader of VBCCR.
11. He shall provide training to the brothers and sisters to build up their solid biblical foundation, in order to equip them for the work of ministry.
12. He shall represent VBCCR in the community, in the Finger Lakes Baptist Association and Baptist Convention of New York, and other inter-church functions like Upstate NY Memorial Day retreat team.


Mitchell Lin
(585) 820-0323

Victory Baptist Chinese Church of Rochester

285 E Henrietta Rd
Rochester,  14620
(585) 359-0963