Southern Baptist Convention

Burlington Baptist Church located in South Point, Ohio (which borders Kentucky and West Virginia) is seeking a Pastor providing for and setting the overall direction of the church’s, growth and outreach in alignment with the church's Identity and Calling. The Pastor should be a leader who can communicate direction in a way that inspires those around him to join in the pursuit of that vision.
In addition to worship ministries, the Pastor will lead and oversee the ministries in the church which relate to our growing youth programs, our relationships with the community, and with one another. This position is a pastoral one that requires the individual to serve as a Shepherd to the people who serve in this ministry. This may also include the purposeful building of worship teams for opportunities in discipleship by the participants. The Pastor will seek to create a culture of worship in the church, as well as facilitate meaningful connections between people.


Partial List of Qualifications:
1. A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a vital, growing personal relationship with Him.
2. Demonstrated excellence as a leader, with a track record of growing a church.
3. An ability to organize and administer relational ministries, including small groups.
4. Skilled in organization, administration, and interpersonal relationships.
5. Familiar with the use of technology in worship and in the use of sound, computers, and video projection.
6. A self-starter
7. A team player with a positive attitude.
8. Assist in the planning of the worship services of Burlington Baptist and do so with prayer, conceptual forethought, and theological accuracy including media preparation.
9. Set goals for the worship ministry that are in line with our vision and then evaluate how those goals were attained or modified during the year.
10. Other duties as assigned.


Jim Whaley
(304) 208-1036