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First Baptist Church of Nickerson is now accepting resumes for a Bi-Vocational Pastorate Position.
The Candidates should embrace the “Baptist Faith and Message” and Cooperative programs.
Starting salary $1200 month with a review after 6 months.
Please send resumes to:


The Pastor is responsible for providing spiritual leadership and vision to the congregation of The First Baptist Church of Nickerson and ensuring the health and stability of the church through organizational direction. He shall proclaim the Gospel and nurture the Spiritual Growth of the members The First Baptist Church of Nickerson. Attention should always be applied the balance of his personal Spiritual life, his family, his secular job and his life in the leadership and shepherding role of The First Baptist Church of Nickerson.
Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Study, Pray, Teach and Preach – Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and relevant Bible centered messages for the services of The First Baptist Church of Nickerson.
2. Plan and conduct worship services yourself or through your designee.
3. Lead in observances of the ordinances of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.
4. Engage in pastoral care ministries. (Examples: Visit the sick, conduct funerals, perform marriages, understanding of individual gifts, equipping members in utilization of gifts etc.)
5. Provide Biblical pastoral counseling to those who seek it.
6. Lead the congregation by example and interaction in Spiritual growth and a deeper walk with the Lord, all the while evaluating the congregation’s needs and targeting those needs and areas of growth.
7. Provide administrative leadership for the ministries of the Church. (Examples: Sunday School, VBS, Youth Group, Children’s Ministries, New Member’s Classes, New Believer’s Classes, Pre-Marriage Classes etc.)
8. Lead in the development and implementation of a comprehensive and ongoing visitation and outreach program to members and prospects that is a cooperative and interactive effort between yourself and Church members.
9. Lead the Church in the development of good public relations with the general public by being involved in community activities. (Example: Nickerson Christian Outreach Ministry, City and or County Ministerial Alliances, Good Friday Services)
10. Schedule appointments, appearances, meetings, pulpit fills, speaking engagements either yourself or through your designee with special consideration to your secular job while meeting the Church’s constitutional requirements.
11. Work with and participate in meetings with functioning committees, officers and Deacons with consideration to Constitutional requirements and secular job schedule.
12. Represent our Church yourself or through your designee in the Central Baptist Association’s and or KNCSB activities.
13. Provide administrative leadership in the area of communication within our church. (Examples: Prayer Chain, Web Site, Power Points, Newsletter, Announcements, Bulletins etc.)


Cecil Dale
(620) 282-9997

First Baptist Church

PO Box 377
Nickerson, KS 67561-0377
(620) 422-3882

We are a small community church, desiring to be the full expression of the living body of the Lord Jesus Christ in our community by the empowering of the Holy Spirit, and through our Outreach, Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship and Service.