Southern Baptist Convention

We're seeking a Pastor to succeed our beloved Pastor who has announced his retirement. He has committed to stay until July of 2019, but will leave sooner, depending on our success in locating a new Pastor. We're hoping to fill the position as soon as possible.
God has truly blessed our church. We are surrounded by the beauty of blue water and snow capped mountains on the Olympic Peninsula, and we are debt free.
Our church is comprised of mainly older, mature believers (30's to 70's in age), with an average attendance of about 25 people per week. But there's much room to grow. We seek a Pastor who has a solid biblical teaching background and can provide for most of his personal financial needs (retiree or bi-vocational).
We believe the Bible is the true and inspired Word of the one and only Living God, that Christ is the resurrected Son of God and, by God's grace alone, the only way to salvation.
The Pastor is the spiritual leader of our church, assisted by the Deacons, and is expected to work with the Deacons and the congregation to provide an adult Sunday school and lead the Sunday service.
God has brought you to this page. Is this the opportunity He has in mind for you? Prayerfully consider our offering.


The ideal candidate for our pastoral position would:
*Be able to supplement the modest compensation available from the church
*Be well-educated, either formally or informally (seminary education desirable but not essential)
*Be in agreement with and supportive of the Southern Baptist Statement of Faith and Message
*Satisfy Biblical qualifications for a pastor
*Be apt to teach
*Be a strong spiritual leader
*Have a passion for evangelism


Gary Kavanagh
(136) 082-1152

Oak Bay Baptist Church

1314 Oak Bay Road
Port Hadlock, WA 98339-0908
(360) 385-2897