Southern Baptist Convention

We are looking for a pastor to lead and serve our congregation in spiritual and physical growth in our community. We are a traditional--not reformed--Southern Baptist Church looking for the Lord's minister for our church.

We believe that under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, the lead pastor is responsible to the church for providing spiritual and administrative leadership for the church and for using his office to proclaim the gospel and provide pastoral care to meet the needs of persons in the church and community. He is to equip the people of God for the Prayerwork of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12). The lead pastor will accomplish this by ensuring the church makes continual progress in the following areas:

Prayer. The lead pastor is expected to commit adequate time to prayer and to seek God’s guidance in leading the flock. The lead pastor is to uplift the sick—spiritually and physically—in prayer and to lead the church in becoming a praying church. It is the intention of the church that it be described as a church that prays.
Preaching. The lead pastor shall proclaim the gospel from the pulpit. The lead pastor shall be the primary expositor of God’s word on Sunday morning. He is responsible for examining individuals to fill the pulpit in his absence, during revival, or when a guest is given the opportunity to speak. He is the primary individual responsible for ensuring that the words spoken from the pulpit are in line with our church doctrine, constitution, and bylaws.

Training. The lead pastor is to develop and implement the training necessary to empower the members to serve God using each member’s spiritual gifts. The training should align with God’s Kingdom purposes for our church.

Visitation. The lead pastor shall take a leadership position in ensuring that members out of fellowship are being sought and brought back to the fold. He will ensure those who are sick and homebound are being visited.
Evangelism. The lead pastor is expected to lead and train the church in evangelism. The lead pastor is to proclaim the gospel and teach others to do so likewise. He is to encourage and disciple the body to be a missional gospel witness to the community and world. Members should be properly trained to witness to their families, friends, and neighbors.

Oversight. The lead pastor is expected to assist the church in making God-centered decisions. He is to ensure that the church is effectively working and the works are building Kingdom value. In all things, the lead pastor shall lead the flock in obedience with the Holy Scriptures to the best of his ability as God builds His Kingdom through the church.

Any interested party please send your information either to the church at the given address or to the listed email.


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John Cabage
(217) 512-9307

University Baptist Church

2831 Whitetail Dr
Charleston, IL 61920
(217) 345-0688