Southern Baptist Convention

Anticipated Time Commitments:
1. A minimum of (6) hours per week to include Sunday school, Sunday AM Worships, Sunday PM Worship, mid-week Prayer Service.

Responsibilities / Duties
1) If the church does not have a contract with a paid nursery worker, then the Nursery Coordinator shall have the responsibility of:

a. Contacting and scheduling workers for all nursery times, including the Sunday school hour, Sunday and Wednesday worship and special services as requested by the Senior Pastor. Development of the schedule should cover at least a three-month period.
b. Printing, posting and distributing the nursery worker schedule to all workers.
c. Reminding the workers of the schedule by either calling or mailing cards each week
d. Arranging for any substitutes as needed using names from the approved list of workers.

2) If the church does have a contract with a paid nursery worker, the Nursery Coordinator shall work hand in hand with the nursery worker to coordinate the smooth transition of the arrival of each child, identification of each child and ensuring any special needs or requirements are documented for each child.

3) At no time shall the Coordinator select any individual for any work in the nursery unless that person is on the approved list. All workers must complete a background check, regardless of their relationship to the students under their care. This applies to parents of children in the nursery.

4) Keep aware of the supplies needed in the nursery and request purchase of these supplies.

5) Pick up and launder or arrange for laundering of all nursery bedding and linens.

6) Pray for all the ministries of the Church, its leaders and members.


Spiritual Gifts:
Love of Children and Organization

Talents or Abilities Desired:
Good organizational skills
Love of infants and toddlers
Understanding the special needs of infants and toddlers
Outgoing and pleasant

Best Personality Traits:
Dependable, Outgoing, Friendly, Neat
Passion for managing the requirements for running a successful nursery.


Michael Pfannschmidt

Bethany Baptist Church

2051 Pierce Road
Phenix City, AL 36867
(334) 297-1936