Southern Baptist Convention

Principle Function of the Position:
• To teach our students and to assist their parents in teaching them (the students) to live their lives for the glory of God.
• To lead students and their parents to be driven by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
• To help students build meaningful relationships with others in the church that will aid them as the Holy Spirit does the work of sanctification in their lives.
• To help parents understand it is primarily their responsibility to disciple their children and to teach parents how to do so.
• To help students and parents fulfill their calling in the church by Worshipping God, Building the Body and Caring for the Community. (This is WBC – Worship, Build, Care)

• This position will report to and be supervised by the Senior Pastor.

• He must meet the Biblical qualifications outlined in 1 Tim. 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.
• He must have a solid Biblical and theological foundation.
• He must be in full support of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 and be able to articulate his understanding of the doctrinal positions expressed in this statement of faith.
• A seminary degree is preferred or he must be working on or willing to pursue such degree.
• He must be willing to pursue certification in Biblical Counseling.
• He must be gifted in teaching the Scriptures to students in an engaging manner.
• He will need to be an outgoing person with strong people skills and able to relate to all ages but particularly with students.
• He must be a team player and able to work with others and able to lead volunteers.


Personal Responsibilities:
• Consistently striving to Glorify God in all things.
• Demonstrate a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord of life and a desire to grow in Him.
• Demonstrate a commitment to family and biblical leadership in your home.
• Participate as a member of the pastoral ministry team with the Senior Pastor and other staff members in such pastoral ministries as hospital visitation, counseling, and other needs as requested by the Senior Pastor.
• Attend weekly staff meetings and any other staff planning, or development events.
• Continue to study, attend ministry related conferences/events, etc. for personal, spiritual, and ministry growth.
• Support, agree and follow the Constitution and Bylaws of Westport Baptist Church.
• Be faithful to attend and lead your family to attend all regularly scheduled church services and attend other church functions and services as they may arise when appropriate.
• Be faithful in the giving of tithes and offerings.
• Have a positive attitude about the ministry and the overall ministry of the entire staff team.
• Obtain and maintain a CDL License.

Specific Responsibilities:
• The Focus of the Students and Families Pastor will be primarily with middle school and high school students.
• The Students and Families Pastor will oversee all children’s ministries and will meet with children’s workers as needed.
• The Students and Families Pastor will oversee the ministries of the Family Life Center.
• Organize a program that would be inclusive for all teenagers, Grades 6-12, working in harmony with the Senior Pastor.
• Lead a time of discipleship on Sunday evenings for the youth / and an outreach time for students on Wednesday Evenings.
• Involvement with Sunday School for students on Sunday mornings.
• Work with the pastor in the selection of curricula and resources for youth and children.
• Meet quarterly with parents for the purpose of encouragement, education, information and counsel.
• Secure parents and others to volunteer in all aspects of the Student Ministry.
• Plan events that involve the whole church so that the youth are mentored and growing in fellowship with the whole body.
• Work to be involved with students on their campuses, including leading or developing campus ministries.
• Use the Internet and other media sources to regularly communicate with parents and students.
• Plan regular activities that build students into disciples and promote fellowship.
• Train and involve students in evangelism and disciple making.
• Support the visitation and outreach programs of the church.
• Make hospital, family and bereavement visits as needed.
• Consult with the Senior Pastor before scheduling youth events or activities.
• Adhere to the budget as set forth by the Stewardship committee on an annual basis. If additional funds are needed for mission trips, conferences, etc., he should promote fundraisers, with prior approval from the pastor.
• There are currently two budgets in place, one for teens, and one for the children’s ministries. A comprehensive budget proposal will be submitted to the Stewardship committee on an annual basis for each fiscal year forthcoming.
• This position will also have other responsibilities as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

• He will have one week day off per week, as well as Saturday - that day may be flexible with prior approval. However, there may be times pastors will need to be involved in ministry at the church on Saturdays.
• He may be away for speaking engagements or conferences with approval from the pastor.
• He may be involved in serving on various committees in our convention or association or in the community with pastoral approval.
• He is expected to dress neatly in accordance to the Personnel Policies and Procedures manual.


Pastor Steve Owenby
(704) 483-1000