Southern Baptist Convention

God called full-time Pastor firmly grounded in SBC, who will focus his talents in achieving the mission of the Church as Christ Ordained.


Meet the requirements set forth in the books of Timothy and Titus. Have the ability to lead in a wise and loving manner. Recognize and willing to serve the needs of the congregation from the youngest to the most senior members. While reaching the unsaved in the congregation and the community.
Send Resume's by Email or PO Box. Subject line Pastor Search. Helpful not required to add the website or send CD of your sermons.


Pastor Search Committee

Lafayette First Baptist Church

400 Church St
Lafayette, TN 37083
(615) 666-3127

Nestled in the hills of Macon County, Tennessee, First Baptist Church's desire and purpose is to reach the hearts of as many people as possible; to bring fresh hope, encouragement and joy through biblical preaching and teaching. We are committed to communicating the truths of Scripture in a manner that people will understand, so they can discover God's plan for their lives and provide an avenue for continued spiritual growth. The church is located about 60 miles northeast of Nashville, in Lafayette, Tennessee. Lafayette is a beautiful small town located on the Cumberland plateau, and is easily accessible to more suburban areas of middle Tennessee.