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Senior Pastor of Dishman First Baptist Church. We have approximately 100 people in regular Life Group and Worship attendance. Our mission is ‘Connecting People to Christ and to One

The City of Spokane Valley was incorporated in 2003 but has long been a bedroom community and supporting small farms since the early 1920s. The city has an estimated population of nearly 95,000. The region is known locally as “The Inland Northwest.”Another.’

First Baptist Church affirms and aligns with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.
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> Born again believer (Relationship with Christ that is evident)
> Accepts authority of God. Bible alone is final authority (God’s word is his guide and authority)
> Strong prayer life, both personal and corporate (Devoted to a strong prayer life. Spends quality time every day seeking God’s face. Will encourage his congregation to develop the same devotion.)
> Willingness to be accountable-personally, to God, and others (Exhibits cooperation and accountability to his p eers, himself, and to God. Is willing to accept godly direction.)
>Education: Seminary or Bible College degree (4-year degree)
> Able to communicate and share their spiritual gifts and how they have exercised those gifts.
> Expository preacher (Teaches the whole Bible, covering all subject matters fairly and thoroughly, balances with doctrine and biblical theology.)
> If married, has a healthy marriage and a supportive wife. (No divorce after salvation)
> Shepherding/Relational-but not to the point of requiring admiration (Loves and cares about people, communicates his thoughts well, gets along well with all age groups, has a servant’s heart, loves people, reaches out to people, follows God’s direction in relationships.)
> Willing and able to disciple (Demonstrates a desire and ability to develop spiritual leaders in the church. Able to build Christian character in families and individuals.)
> Visionary (an Inspiring leader who has a God-given strategy of how to build our church)
> Minimum ministry experience: 4 years minimum


Ernie Wuthrich, Chairman of the Pastor Search Comm

First Baptist Church of Dishman, Washington

315 N Argonne Rd
Spokane, WA 99212-2852
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At Dishman Baptist Church, we have a deep desire to work in partnership with Our Lord Jesus Christ to reach the lost. This is the core principle of our Vision, Connecting People to Christ and to One Another. We do this through Worship, Serving, Growing, and Sharing. We invite you to come and participate along with us. <><