Southern Baptist Convention

Principal Function

The Children’s Minister is responsible for ministries (included but not limited to: Wednesday evening discipleship, Children’s Church, Children’s targeted activities, outreach, special programs and retreats) for children from Birth up to 6th graders. The Children’s Minister will coordinate with the Youth Minister for the sixth graders. As a member of the ministerial staff, the Children’s Minister will be responsible to the church and staff of the church and will be under the direct supervision of the Senior Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church. The salary and number of hours will be set during each year’s budget process.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Administer a program of Christian education that is relevant and responsive to the changing needs of the children and families of MBC with support from other ministerial staff and the Children’s Council.
• Teach and or lead appropriate lessons and activities, including but not limited to Sunday School, Children’s Church and Wednesday night programs.
• Provide leadership to the Children’s Council whose responsibility is to assist the children’s minister for planning, coordination, and implementing activities and other needs of the children’s program.
• Coordinate a God-centered, student-focused approach to worship and education that fosters fellowship, outreach and student leadership with the goal of leading students toward a faith relationship with Jesus Christ.
• Serve as a resource person to current trends and training opportunities in order to enhance the children’s ministry at MBC. Research, select and implement the most appropriate children’s ministry curriculum in conjunction with the Senior Pastor, and the Sunday School Director.
• Provide discipleship, mission and training opportunities for children and their families in order to develop a relationship with Christ and share Christ’s love.
• Be an active member and maintain a presence at church worship (Children’s Church, Wednesday Mission Services, Sunday Night Discipleship Services, and children’s features) and special events in order to welcome a connection with children and their families providing increased opportunities for a direct relationship with children and their families.
• Promote activities that provide a good public outreach extending from the children to both the MBC community and the community at large.
• Serve as a resource person to current trends and training opportunities in order to enhance the children’s ministry at MBC.
• As needed Lead in Children’s Time during Sunday worship services in coordinating and in conjunction with the message from the Senior Pastor.

Additional Responsibilities

• Take an active role in the leadership and worship of children’s time / features within Sunday and Wednesday evening services.
• The Children’s Minister will be responsible for the content and order of Worship and coordination of leadership for Children’s Church and / or regular worship features.
• Reach out to age appropriate organizations that meet in the church. Examples include: TCP, Boy Scouts, Teen Bible Study, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, etc.
• Participate in outreach ministries with the children, examples include school functions, ball games etc.
•Responsible for the planning, development and implementation of special programs and events directed toward the spiritual growth and fellowship of the children of MBC.
• Provide opportunities for missions for the children of MBC.
• Assist the Vacation Bible School Director with the coordination and implementation of the annual Vacation Bible School.
• Provide leadership to the research, selection and implementation of the most appropriate children’s ministry curriculum in conjunction with the Sunday School Director and the Children’s Committee.
• Schedule and implement regular age appropriate “outings” for the children of MBC in an effort to further build Christian fellowship with the children’s age group.
• Prepare an annual budget (in consultation with the leadership of the Children’s Council), as it relates to the Children’s ministry submitting to the Finance Ministry Team by the annual requested date.
• Other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Needed

• Knowledge of the Bible and Christian based principles and faith.
• Ability to teach and lead children in a Christ like manner.
• Ability to coordinate activities (on and off campus).
• Ability to operate computers and electronics for presentations and events.
• Knowledge of Church budget status, spending procedures and ability to prepare annual Children’s Ministry budgets.


Greg Tuttle
(919) 851-3216

Macedonia Baptist Church

7100 Holly Springs Rd
Raleigh, NC 27606-4327
(919) 851-3216