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We the people of Powell's Chapel Baptist Church, feeling a sense of the importance of music in the church, are seeking a Minister of Music. That person must exemplify a sense of a call from God to lead worship with the characteristics of administration, teaching, leadership, and sufficient musical training to meet the unique needs of our church.

Principal Function:
1. Become an active member of the church, attending regularly scheduled service and events.
2. Work closely with the music committee, meeting at least quarterly.
3. Serve on the church council and attend weekly staff meetings.
4. Visitation responsibilities coordinated with the Pastor.
5. Be aware of and implement good planning for the Music Ministry.

1. Lead the congregation, utilizing a variety of styles of music, including coaching for new songs unfamiliar to the congregation.
2. Spread vitality and engage the congregation through the musical worship experience.
3. Help bridge generational/ cultural differences by selecting a balance of musical styles for every service which will, as a whole, have multi-generational appeal, and by briefly presenting the spiritual context of all music to the congregation in terms through which all generational and cultural perspectives can understand, relate, and connect with God.
4. Rehearse the sanctuary choir weekly.
5. Manage the music ministry budget and submit required reports, estimates, and requests by specified deadlines.
6. Turn in bulletin material by Wednesday night each week.
7. Seek new talent and encourage congregational members to participate in church music programs.
8. Practice discipleship through inspiring and engaging music ministry.
9. Utilize technology in planning and presenting music to enhance the worship experience.
10. Acquire the music, equipment, and supplies required to perform designated duties in accordance with financial policies.
11. Arrange for and prepare music components for special worship programs for Christmas Eve, Good Friday, Easter Sunrise service, and other occasions as requested by the pastor or church staff.

The minister of music shall work an average of 9 hours per week. This part-time job carries one week of paid vacation per year. The Minister of Music will be responsible, with consultation of the pastor, for filling his position during his vacation. The church will pay his substitute if needed during this time. The Minister of Music may participate in two outside revivals per year without consulting the year. He will be responsible for securing his substitute and will be responsible for any fees accrued.


1. Committed disciple of Jesus Christ, seeking to know, love, and serve God while continually seeking spiritual growth.
2. Passion and vision for including praise music along with traditional Christian music in worship ministry in order to contribute to worship vitality and multi-generational community.
3. Ability to lead, inspire, and engage the congregation during the worship experience.
4. Music background by education (Bachelors degree preferred) or experience and teaching ability sufficient to coach and guide all members of the music ministry team.
5. Familiarity with modern Christian music as well as more traditional styles of sacred music in a blended worship format.
6. Experience as a worship leader, minimum of 3 years is desired.
7. Strong leadership, organizational, and communication skills required to effectively collaborate with both the church staff and administrators as well as other members participating in music ministry.

1. Starting salary range will depend on qualifications and experience.
2. Continuing education stipend may be provided with approval of church body.
3. One week of paid vacation.
4. This is a part-time position and does not include pension or health benefits.


Tracey Abernathy

Powell's Chapel Baptist Church

8697 Powell's Chapel Rd
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 896-9461

A small, warm family church located on 18 acres of beautiful country side in the Northwestern sector of Rutherford County. Many well-known pastors have been of part of this Church: Dr. Herbert Gabhart, Dr. Wayne DeHoney, Dr. Tom Madden, Dr. Ronald McRae, Dr. Bill Perry, Gary Rickman, Vern Powers, Wendell Price, Harry Nichols, and Woodrow Medlock to name a few. Mission Statement: "We exist for the sole purpose of glorifying God through Worship, instruction, fellowship, and outreach."