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The Leawood Church Revitalization Residency is an internship designed to help church revitalization residents explore their vocational calling, be equipped for pastoral ministry, be exposed to church revitalization and replanting, and engage in missional living. The residency is a twelve-month program, beginning in September and ending in August of the following year. The residency consists of 3 distinct experiences: Resident Gatherings, Participation in Leadership Meetings, and involvement in ministry at Leawood Church. All residents will receive a mid-course evaluation, designed to help steer the second half of the residency and provide direction for the intern post-residency.

Revitalization residents will be expected to live and serve in a manner worthy of the Gospel (Phil. 1:27), by God’s grace, seeking to love God with all they are, love others sacrificially, and make joyful, passionate disciples of Jesus (Matt. 22:37-39; 28:18-20).
Church revitalization residents will be expected to give 8-10 hours a week to their cohorts and supervised ministry and to their homework and living on mission. Residents will be expected to attend the scheduled cohort meetings, complete all required homework, and engage in all required ministry/mission experiences. Residents will also be expected to engage in a supervised ministry experience, which will be defined and determined by the pastors at Leawood Church.


Weekly Requirements: Residents are expected to meet with the Lead Pastor at a mutually agreed upon location and journal about what they are learning throughout the residency. Residents are also invited to any weekly Pastors’ Meeting their schedules allow.

Bi-Weekly Requirements: Revitalization Residents are expected to attend every resident Gathering on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, complete every reading assignment with accompanying 2 page reading report, and 1 page key insights to Revitalization Supplements.

Monthly Requirements: Revitalization Residents are expected to attend monthly Leadership Team meeting (1st Tuesday of every month.)

Mid-Year Requirement: Residents are required to visit a declining church and submit a 3-5 page paper about their experience at the mid-year point.

End of Year Requirement: Residents will be working through the year on a project to create a strategy to revitalize a hypothetical dying church and will present their project to the cohort at the end of the year.

All revitalization residents will participate in an evaluation where the pastors at Leawood Church will work in concert with The North American Mission Board to assess the resident’s progress and work with the resident to chart a course for the remainder of the residency and beyond. No Leawood Church revitalization resident is guaranteed the endorsement of Leawood Church to revitalize a church. However, pending the results of the evaluation, some residents will be endorsed and will be directed in next steps towards becoming a Lead Church Revitalizer.


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