Southern Baptist Convention

Arkansas Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries

I. Definition:
The Executive Director is directly responsible to the Board of Directors for the
operation of the agency according to the policies outlined by the board. The Executive Director shall be in full charge of the management of the agency with full authority to employ and dismiss employees. (By-Laws Article V. Section 4). The Executive Director shall initiate and administer such procedural practices as will most effectively and efficiently accomplish the purposes of the agency in conformity to the policies adopted by the board. (By-Laws Article V. Section 5)

II. Necessary Qualifications:
The Executive Director shall have the educational background necessary to comply
with the requirements of Administrator as indicated in the Minimum Licensing Standards for Child Welfare Agencies in Arkansas.

III. Specific Responsibilities:
A. Administration of the Budget.
1. Along with the Board of Directors, establish a working budget for the agency.
2. Administer the overall budget of the agency.
3. In compliance with agency investment policies, invest monies for the agency.
B. Direct the Practices of the Agency.
1. Through a thorough knowledge of the policies, programs, and scope of the agency direct the activities of the agency.
2. Develop practices and agency procedures for caring on the ministry of the agency.
C. Report and Respond to the Arkansas Baptist State Convention.
1. Report to the Arkansas Baptist State Convention at its annual meeting.
2. Report to various committees and personnel of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention as needed to provide ample information and to foster a harmonious relationship.
D. Provide direct supervision to the Director of Programs, the Director of Development, the Financial Administrator, the ABHC Director and the Administrative Secretary.
E. Involvement in Public Relations and Fund Development.
1. Speak on behalf of the agency to church groups, civic organizations, professional groups and others.
2. Write articles on behalf of the agency.
3. Represent the agency to churches, private organizations, as well as to government entities.
4. Participate in fundraising activities, including direct solicitation, capital fundraising efforts, etc.

F. Report to the Board of Directors.
1. Arrange for regular and special meetings of the Board and its committees.
2. Report to the Board at its regular and special meetings.
3. Provide written and other information to the Board as requested and/or as needed.


Candidates must have a master degree (minimum) in a child-welfare field, have an impeccable character, and have exceptional leadership skills. The candidate should also demonstrate abilities in donor relations, written and ver-bal communication, fundraising and community relations.


Joe Statton