Southern Baptist Convention

Pastor Position Opening:

Jennies Branch Baptist Church in Shallotte, NC is now accepting resumes for the position of full time pastor. Please list previous work experience and education experience in your resume. Along with experience we are asking that you list your vision as a pastor as well as your vision for various parts of the church such as youth and children, worship ministry, discipleship training, etc. We are asking along with this that you list some non-negotiables of the Christian faith according to Scripture.

Along with your resume, send a link to a sermon you have online or please send us a sermon by way of dvd or through email you have preached.

Any other information you would like to know before sending in your resume can be made available upon request.

Resume can be sent by email to:
Resume can be sent to the church at: 5256 Beach Dr SW, South Brunswick, NC 28470


Ability to lead officers, boards and committees in vision discernment and in long range and sort term planning.
Ability to apply a team approach to ministry with other full time and part time staff members with the senior minister functioning as a coach/player.

Ability to preach during services
Ability to equip the saints for ministry.
- Teaching
- Training Leaders
- Evangelistic, Ethical, and Discipleship Training
- Can offer pre - marital counseling for church members
- Enable Congregational care

The Senior Minister will be accountable to ultimately God and will lead the church in such a manner. The Senior Pastor will also be accountable for vision discernment and mission implementation.

The Senior Minister will be a man called of God and set apart to the Gospel ministry, evangelical in theology, in accordance with the "Baptist Faith and Message", and committed to living and serving in a manner consistent with the standards set forth in Scripture for such a leader.

The Senior Pastor will be called by the Holy Spirit.

The Senior Pastor must adhere to the budget guidelines and must adhere to a background check.

The Senior Pastor will be able to implement his own vision and own mission, but must have agreeable values with the church body.

The Senior Pastor must accept constructive criticism from other staff members as well as give other staff members constructive criticism and be able to evaluate themselves.

An evaluation with staff members and deacons will be done periodically.

Any other job requirements can be made available upon request.


Aaron Dyson
(910) 754-6218

Jennies Branch

5256 Beach Dr SW
Shallote, NC 28470-5264
(910) 754-6218