Southern Baptist Convention

The pastor is responsible to First Baptist Church of Bunnell for providing spiritual and administrative leadership in all aspects of church life. He will serve as the spiritual officer and leader of the church to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to assure we function as a New Testament Southern Baptist Church. By providing direction to the church staff, deacons and church council, he will: 1) encourage and equip lay ministry teams to fulfill their vision and goals; 2) oversee the planning and facilitation of all elements necessary for maintaining quality worship services, ministries, and Bible studies for all ages; 3) take primary responsibility for the preaching in all church services, and; 4) work with the deacons and other staff in providing for the shepherding needs of the whole body as we fulfill the church's vision and mission statements.


1. Southern Baptist Ordained
2. Agrees with the Baptist Faith and Message of 2000
3. 5 + years experience as Associate Minister and/or 3+ years experience as Pastor
4. Graduate of an accredited seminary


Cathy Anderson
(386) 931-6930

First Baptist Church of Bunnell

2301 Commerce Parkway
Bunnell, FL 32110
(386) 437-3364

We invite you to come and be a part of an exciting and growing ministry in North Florida. Flagler County is growing and First Baptist of Bunnell is growing with it. First Bunnell would like to see your life and that of your family touched by God in this traditional and active church. We offer outreach programs to youth,young adults, and to children with TeamKids and Sunday Morning Bible Study for both Jr. High and Sr. High. We have men's and women's Bible Study and many other ministries to see that you have a solid foundation in God's Word. We look forward to having you visit us.