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CrossWinds Church is an urban, neighborhood focused, multi-congregational, Gospel-centered church. Our mission is to start and grow intentionally local, indigenous, reproducing, urban churches in the under resourced neighborhoods in and around Grand Rapids, MI. We envision a family of neighborhood congregations scattered throughout greater Grand Rapids. Just as the city is made up of many neighborhoods, so CrossWinds envisions being one church made up of many neighborhood congregations. CrossWinds is a diverse family of neighbors who are committed to loving Jesus and loving their community. We are currently organized into 3 neighborhood congregations and we are actively seeking where to go next.

We are currently seeking an individual to connect with high school and college students. The main focus would be meeting regularly with students and helping them form deeper relationships with one another and Jesus.

This position is less about form than it is about the ability to spend time with young people in a way that is natural and winsome. CrossWinds is an urban congregation that views most things through the lens of mission. We are looking for an urban missionary. An individual who knows how to make genuine friendships, throw a good party and have Jesus be at the center of it all would be perfect. We have connections to the schools and students that need someone to come along side and focus on helping students who know Jesus grow and help those who have not yet met Jesus discover him. Further CrossWinds believes deeply in that the church is the bride of Christ and that we were meant to grow in the context of the local congregation. We need a person who will be deeply devoted to CrossWinds and to introducing students to our congregational life and helping them find their place within it. We tend to believe that all of this happens best organically and in the context of friendships. If you love Jesus and love people and would love to combine those two things in ministry, we might be looking for you.


Ownership of the CrossWinds mission, vision, values, and beliefs.
A humble willingness to collaborate and work as part of a team
Have the abilities to start and grow new things
Familiarity with the urban context

Attend as many of the students sporting activities, plays, concerts as possible
Connect youth to each other and Jesus and to our local body
Help students work out their faith and develop it
Be an effective evangelist


Pastor David Drake

CrossWinds Community Church

3815 Division Avenue South
Wyoming,  49548
(616) 248-3587