Southern Baptist Convention

Worship Pastor
First Baptist Church of Swannanoa

Scope: The Worship Pastor is to honor God; to lead the church to worship the Lord through Sunday morning worship services, mid-week worship services, and other special times of worship; to be responsible for the entire production of all worship services including sound, lighting, streaming, video, and music.

Supervisions: The Senior Pastor will supervise the Worship Pastor.

1. Must have a vital personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, with strong Christian spiritual and moral character.
2. Must be called of the Holy Spirit to serve as a Worship Pastor and be trained to serve in the capacity in which he is called.
3. Must be able to submit to the spiritual authority of the Senior Pastor.
4. Must have the ability to plan, organize, direct, and control the Worship ministry of a dynamic and growing church.
5. Must be willing to establish performance measurements and be accountable for expected results.
6. Must be actively participating in personal evangelism, willing to assume responsibility for encouraging and leading converts to follow through in believer’s baptism and church membership.
7. Must be capable of administering church policies and procedures.
8. Formal education of at least a bachelor’s degree but a Master’s degree from a Southern Baptist Seminary or other likeminded Seminary is preferred.


Cast vision for a dynamic worship ministry that encompasses all ages but has a concentration on reaching the next generation of believers. Must be willing to utilize various worship methods and techniques to lead the church to worship. Must be creative in the ability to manage all aspects of the production of Worship services.


1. Scheduling/Staffing – Recruit, schedule, coordinate, train, and oversee volunteers and paid workers for regular worship services, regular programs, and special meetings.
2. Finance – Prepare and administer the Worship Ministry budget; purchase supplies needed to equip the ministry (i.e. sound equipment, music, and other related supplies.)
3. Communication –
a. Support scheduled volunteers with reminders for their regularly scheduled times.
b. Educate and inform the church about available opportunities within the worship ministry.
c. Communicate to all volunteers about upcoming worship services.
4. Maintain a current knowledge of worship ministry through reading, conferences, and meeting with like-minded Worship Pastors.
5. Staff –
a. Attend weekly staff meetings and retreats
b. Work cooperatively with all staff to enhance the ministry of the church.
c. Have a monthly meeting with the Senior Pastor


1. Be fully prepared for each an every worship service through regular practices of the worship team(s), along with preparation of all production including entry of music words for the projection screen, lighting, sound, streaming, etc.
2. Encourage and motivate volunteers through any and all communication methods.
3. Manage and utilize all available talents within the church for the worship ministry if deemed acceptable.
4. Work with all those who desire to be in the worship ministry to enhance their gifts and talents to better support the worship ministry.


1. Recruit, train, and motivate volunteers for leadership.
2. Provide support and mentoring for volunteers and leadership.
3. Review and select worship materials for utilization within the church.
4. Organize training events for all volunteers in the areas of sound, streaming, instrumentation, and singing.
5. Be aggressive in seeking training opportunities for the volunteers in the ministry.

- Be willing and available to take on any task assigned by the Senior Pastor.


-Lead worship in all services
-Be responsible for all production (words, lighting, staging, streaming, sound, etc) for all worship services
-Be able to work with teams to carry out the worship responsibilities


Dr. Jeff Dowdy
(828) 686-5123

Swannanoa First

503 Park St
Swannanoa, NC 28778-3029
(828) 686-5123