Southern Baptist Convention

Under the supervision and support of the Pastor it will be the main purpose of the Minister of Family Ministries to lead the church’s ministries of youth and children with the goal of equipping students, children, and families to grow in Christ-likeness.

He will meet the qualifications of pastor listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. He will also agree with LBC’s Statement of Faith and By-laws. He will become a member of LBC within the first month of employment. He will demonstrate that he has sufficient passion, gifts, education, and experience to fulfill the responsibilities listed in this job description.

1. He will be dedicated to the ministry of the Word and prayer, while being zealous to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
2. He will live an exemplary and godly life both in private and in public and will embrace biblical principles and ethical integrity in all business and ministry transactions.
3. He will be a good manager of his home and finances and seek to avoid living under the burden of excessive debt. If married, he will love his wife as Christ loves the church and in partnership with her strive to raise their children to earnestly love and joyfully obey the Lord.
4. He will strive to keep his life free from sexual immorality both in thought and in deed and avoid even the appearance of any evil.
5. He will maintain harmonious relationships with other staff and deacons along with respectful relationships with volunteers and other members of the congregation.
6. He will be trustworthy and able to hold in confidence personal and private matters, sharing only such information as is appropriate and necessary for spiritual and physical welfare.
7. He will share the general burden of church leadership as needed and commensurate with his passions and gifting.
8. He will remain professionally current in relevant cultural trends and resources necessary to effectively minister to the next generation.
9. He will maintain a healthy work and life balance to remain healthy physically and spiritually.


1. Overseeing Sunday school, discipling groups, weekly activities, outreach, retreats, mission trips and special programs.
2. Developing relationships with youth and in a way that reflects Christ-likeness.
3. Leading youth to grow in Christ-likeness by helping them grow in their relationship with God through regular Bible study and mentoring.
4. Serving as a resource for young people in their various developmental needs.
5. With the help of the pastor equipping the parents of young people in developing godly relationships and parenting skills with their teenagers.
6. Collaborating with the Pastor, Youth Committee, and volunteers to advise, plan, coordinate and participate in youth activities and ministry programs.

1. Administrative oversight of Sunday school, Wednesday night Bible studies, and special programs.
2. Working with parents to develop godly parenting skills and help their children grow in Christ’s likeness.
3. Recruit, train, background check, and develop children’s ministry volunteers.
4. Provide oversight and work with lay leadership in the choosing of children’s curriculum to ensure proper scope and sequence.
5. With the help of the pastor hosting parenting seminars on various topics to encourage and support parents in their role.

1. Supporting the vision, mission, strategy and initiatives of LBC.
2. Bringing to bear his God-given gifts, passions, and discernment to help shape expressions of LBC’s vision and mission over time.
3. Depending upon qualifications and experience, assist with occasional preaching, teaching, leadership development, and all other pastoral responsibilities within the church as a whole.


Rev. Tripp Goodwin and / or Don Hahn
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Lincolnton Baptist Church

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