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Principle Function
The Minister of Youth is responsible to the Pastor for coordinating and promoting a comprehensive program ministering to youth (Grades 6 – 12).
Job Classification
This position is an exempt (salaried) and part time position.
Working Relationships
The Minister of Youth coordinates with the Pastor and directs the planning, scheduling and directing the education, scheduling and directing the education, discipleship training, and activities of the youth in Grades 6 – 12.
Responsibilities shall include but not be limited to:
1. Organize and coordinate a balanced youth ministry that includes Bible study, outreach, recreation, fellowship, missions and music.
2. Shepherd the youth group with the following ministries:
a. Weekly bible study and worship (Wednesday night and possibly Sunday if needed)
b. Monthly outings to enhance unity of the group such as: bowling, Frisbee golf, 5th quarter, Christmas party, etc…
c. Quarterly events such as:
• Fall – Weekend Retreat
• Winter – Hot Hearts
• Spring – Disciple Now
• Summer – Youth Camp
d. Summer months are expected to include more activities since students are out of school, e.g. Home Bible study, participating in Vacation Bible School, concerts, outreach ministries and other activities.
3. Offer Christian guidance to students and parents in time of need using appropriate boundaries with the opposite sex.
4. Take an active interest in the lives of the students outside of church activities.
5. Mentor, guide and develop youth leadership among the students.
6. Be available nights and weekends for youth ministry events as well as to work with the Pastor in making emergency pastoral care visits as needed.
7. Prepare and comply with the youth ministry budget in coordinator with the Youth Committee. Expenditures above $200 require approval by Pastor.
8. Visit prospects and members related to the Youth Ministry.
9. Meet regularly (at least bi-monthly) and lead the Youth Committee and attend regular staff meetings with the Pastor.
10. Communicate regularly with parents concerning needs, costs, and answering questions.
11. Provide a tentative calendar of events by November for the following year to the Pastor and youth parents.

The Youth Pastor shall be supervisor by the Pastor, supported by the Personnel Committee, and assisted by the Youth Committee.


1. High school diploma, college and/or seminary studies are preferred.
2. Three years of experience in a youth church staff or other youth leadership position is preferred.
3. Strong communication and listening skills and the ability to speak confidently before groups.
4. Leadership, planning and administrative skills.
5. Commitment to Biblical Christian principles and teachings both professionally and personally, e.g. personal prayer, Bible study, and regularly praying for the youth and church.
6. Passing criminal, financial and sexual misconduct background checks.


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