Southern Baptist Convention

Seeking: Part-Time Minister of Music. Resumes are due by Friday, December 15, 2017.

The Minister of Music is responsible to the church, the Personnel Committee, and the Pastor for developing and promoting a music ministry which creates an inviting atmosphere for authentic worship and which guides members of the church in spiritual development.

The Minister of Music must:
1. Be a person called by God to serve in this area of ministry.
2. Accept the Baptist Faith and Message Statement of Faith.
3. Be under the direction and supervision of the pastor.
4. Maintain a spirit of cooperation with the staff, musicians, and members of Calvary Baptist Church.
5. Attend Church Leadership Team meetings, and is encouraged to attend staff meetings, or other committee meetings as necessary.
6. Undergo periodic evaluations by the Pastor and the Personnel Committee.
7. Adhere to Personnel Policies & Procedures and Church Constitution & Bylaws.


1. Work with church staff and musicians/vocalists to lead and organize worship services and music ministry for other groups in the church.
2. Prayerfully select songs, prepare weekly music packets, and coordinate the distribution process to the worship team. This may include, but is not limited to: adult choir, children’s events and other special ministries.
3. Lead the congregation in corporate worship for various services by giving direction to congregational singing and other elements of worship.
4. Facilitate the growth of musicians both spiritually and musically; which includes making ministry contacts.
5. Maintain good communication and visibility with the entire congregation. (ie. newsletter article, bulletin, e-mails, etc.)
6. Oversee that the audio and visual elements are planned for each worship service. This includes scheduling and training of volunteers, presentation software, etc.
7. Oversee the maintenance of music library, musical equipment, other technology and equipment of the church.
8. Assist in preparing the annual music budget for approval by the church; administer and direct purchase of items approved in the budget.
9. Assist and participate in church-wide events and ministries.
10. Perform other duties not specifically set forth in this job description that would by nature be related to music ministry.


Ashley Feather

Calvary Baptist Church

214 Lincoln Ave
Danville, KY 40422-2235
(859) 236-5350