Southern Baptist Convention

His duties will include but not be limited to giving assistance to the pastor in the following ways:

1. Through prayerful planning with the pastor, select Christ-centered music to be used in leading the congregation in worship.
2. Prepare Media for worship services.
3. Emphasize strong congregational participation and choral or group music where the strength of the presentation is always emphasized as more important than the personality of the musicians.
4. Seek to relate and correlate music with the message of the worship hour using soloists, ensembles, etc.
5. Organize the potential music groups within the church to the highest possible level.
6. Enlist and train leaders and accompanists for the various music service groups.
7. Either direct or supervise the direction of all music groups.
8. Assist in special ministry opportunities and responsibilities:
a. Weddings: counsel and assist in providing quality music.
b. Funerals: assist with appropriate music
c. Revivals: direct or assist a guest director
9. Maintain the music library utilizing a representative from all music groups so that they can help keep it in order as well as know what is available.
10. See that instruments are maintained, supplies obtained, and guide in the selection of new music to be purchased within budgeted limits.
11. The Minister of Music must accept and carry out as promptly as possible all other duties as they may be assigned to him by the pastor.


Following the untimely death of our former music minister, First Baptist Church, West Memphis, Arkansas, has begun its search to fill this position. FBC is an established church in a transitional city. Under the leadership of our new pastor, Josh Hall, we have a renewed vision to love God, love each other, and share the gospel. Our committee is prayerfully anticipating that God will send us His man to help us carry out this task as our music minister.

We are looking for a man with the following qualifications to fill this role:

* is a born-again Christ-follower
* lives out his Christian faith in a daily, consistent manner, including personal worship, Bible study, and giving
* is willing to follow the leadership and authority of the pastor
* cooperates with other staff members
* loves people
* is humbly confident in his musical ability
* works in an organized and efficient manner
* is musically competent in vocals and reading/directing music
* is authentic in his worship
* promotes theologically-sound music
* has a minimum of 2 years of college education

While it is not an absolute essential, we hope for a married man to fill this position as we believe that a loving and supportive spouse is an asset and co-laborer in one’s ministry.


Eddie Minton

West Memphis First Baptist Church

200 N Missouri St
West Memphis, AR 72301-3140
(870) 735-5241

Preaching the Gospel, Teaching the Bible and Healing the Hurts. (Matthew 4:23) Our Mission Statement: Sharing the Love of Jesus From West Memphis, Arkansas To the Ends of the Earth