Southern Baptist Convention

1) Study, prepare and teach students including Middle School, High School and College Career. Select and equip student teachers. Enlist and equip adult and student leaders.

2) Meet with Youth Council, planning a calendar of events.

3) Disciple students, individually and as a group. Prepare individual teens and adults to disciple others.

4) Develop and implement a follow-up program for absent students.

5) Improve and administrate Sunday morning program; while developing teachers.

6) Maintain resources for Bible material to help students with personal devotions and discipleship.

7) Prepare and delegate leadership of special events (i.e. MS/HS Retreat, Summer Camp, Super Bowl Bash, Disciple Now, Concerts, 30 Hour Famine, Ministry Opportunities, etc.)

8) Communicate with Students our purpose, upcoming events, parenting resources, and bible studies. Cultivate prospects and students by phone, welcome letters, birthday cards and home visits.

9) Visit all schools represented by students attending Fellowship student activities, including prospects. Make time for students both during school (i.e. lunches, F.C.A. functions, chapels, etc.) and after school (i.e. basketball, video games, bible studies, and special events such as dance recitals, athletic events, etc.)

10) Visit, call or send cards to students who are sick or hospitalized.

11) Communicate with parents (i.e. monthly newsletter & parent/student gatherings, social media).

12) Perform other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor.


Talents and Traits
1) Demonstrated communication, leadership and instructional skills.
2) Demonstrated competence in the areas of administration, pastoral care, & church ministries.
3) Able to adapt to the changing needs of students and God’s direction.

Knowledge and Experience
1) Must be an active and involved member of Fellowship Baptist Church.
2) Appropriate and successful experience in the areas of administration, pastoral care, and church ministries.

Skills and Abilities
1) Must have a clear conversion experience and a deep commitment to Jesus Christ.
2) Has a clear calling from God to be a Youth Pastor
3) Obedient – Desiring to love Jesus through a surrendered life.
4) An ongoing commitment to study of the Scripture, faithfulness in prayer, and continuously seeking God’s will in their life and the life of the church body.


Jackie Watts
(850) 673-1582

Fellowship Baptist Church

1997 NE Colin Kelly Hwy
Madison, FL 32341-0831
(850) 973-3266