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The Pastor of Students is to provide for an active ministry designed to reach students (6th-12th grades) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, disciple them, provide Worship opportunities, and to integrate them into the total mission of the church, both local and universal. This minister will work in the power of the Holy Spirit under the direction of the Senior Pastor.


Basic Qualifications:

1.A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ, a servant’s heart, and a vital growing personal relationship with Him.
2.An understanding and commitment to the mission of the New Testament Church, the ministry philosophy of FBC Faith, and agreement with The Baptist Faith and Message 2000, our church’s doctrinal statement.
3. A strong knowledge of Scripture.
4. He and his family will be active members of FBC Faith in participation, attendance at all worship services, tithing, and prayer.
5.He should be able to work with others and under the direction of the Senior Pastor.
6.He should invest in the church as well as in Kingdom building.
7.He should have the ability to present the truths of the Gospel in biblical teaching to students.
8.He should make an investment in the students of Faith Baptist Church by building a personal relationship with each student and their families (when possible).
9.He will love Jesus Christ and love HIS people.
10.He will maintain an ongoing, personal, and intimate relationship with the Lord through prayer, public and private worship, and the study of His Word.

Preferred Qualifications:
1.Bachelor’s Degree in a related field of ministry is preferred.
2.Baptist Seminary training is preferred.
3.Previous experience working with students in 6-12 grades is preferred.

Ministry Responsibilities:
1.Participate in worship services as appropriate.
2.Be responsible for providing special worship services as needed which relate to special programs provided by and for the students under the direction of the Senior Pastor such as retreat reports, DiscipleNow celebrations, and Student-led services.
3.Lead students in worship service participation when appropriate.
4.Keep the church informed of the Student Ministry progress.
5.Promote special church emphasis among the youth and other youth groups.
6.Plan, coordinate and execute with the approval of the Senior Pastor the student ministry camps, retreats, mission trips, work projects, parent/student activities, VBS and special studies to meet the goals of spiritual growth, evangelism, disciple-making, building up the student community and fulfilling our Great Commission calling.
7.Work with the Senior Pastor in areas where he feels contributions would be most effective.
8.Be responsible for student visitation programs (to include hospitals, homebound, outreach).
9.Provide opportunities for disciple-making for students, parents, and others in large groups, small groups, and individually.
10.To make available and encourage participation in special ministries such as retreats, disciple-making weekends, etc.
11.Assist committees and ministry teams as assigned.
12.Plan and coordinate with the Senior and other ministerial staff the student ministry calendar.
13.Provide special emphasis for and encourage student participation in the Sunday school ministry.
14.Assist the nominating committee in enlisting, training and developing leadership for overall student ministry and the student ministry Sunday school.

General Responsibilities:
1.Aid the other pastoral staff with general pastoral activities, such as service planning, outreach visits, hospital visits, and funerals.
2.Submit an annual budget and calendar to the Church Administrator and Senior Pastor by September 1 of each year. Administer the approved budget and calendar upon approval.
3.Attend weekly staff meetings.
4.Perform other duties as assigned.
5.The Pastor of Students is responsible to the Senior Pastor.


Pastor Tim Barnette
(704) 279-3629


203 N Main St
Faith, NC 28041
(704) 279-3629

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