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The mission of First Baptist Church is "To Know God, Serve God, and Share God's Love in all we do." Our expectation for the Minister to Youth and Education would be that they are an example both spiritually and morally and that they challenge youth and adults to "Know God, Serve God and Share God's Love in all they do." This position is to oversee and lead the Youth and Education programs of First Baptist Church. This person should be a person who will be a spiritual and moral example to our church as well as the community at large and have the personal character, training, and experience to serve as a leader and be a Christian example in these areas.


General Expectations:
Display a love for and belief in Jesus Christ
Should exhibit the following attributes
1. Calling - a sense of being called by God to ministry.
2. Character - display a high level of Christian character
3. Competency - has the necessary abilities needed to fulfill the job responsibilities
4. Chemistry - There is a sense of chemistry and teamwork with the Senior Pastor, Staff, and church,(i.e. Doctrinally, Philosophically, Personality type, and Leadership style)
Willing to become a member of FBC Fort McCoy

Expectations for the youth position include:
Exhibit a passion for faith development in youth and families
Be involved with students in their environment
Highly motivated and self-directed team player who loves and enjoys working with people of all ages
Meet with the pastor on a regular basis for consultation, and coordination.
Willing to accept and give guidance in areas of leadership and working with youth
Give general direction to youth teachers and workers and serve as a resource person for all youth workers.
Recommend youth policies to the church as needed.
Assist the Nominating Committee in securing adequate teachers and workers in the youth department.
Secure training for youth workers.
Arrange for a variety of age-appropriate activities, both at the church and outside the church, that will attract many youth to the church and hold their interest.
Seek ways to encourage parents of youth to be more involved with the church and introduced to the Gospel.
Serve on the Background Screening Committee.
Insurable driving record & valid driver's license
Clean background void of any felonious activities or other such infractions that disqualify one from working with youth
Effectively manage the annual youth ministry budget and oversee necessary youth fund-raising

Expectations for the education position:
The education director, in cooperation with the Pastor, will give supervision through the Division Directors to the organizations of the church.
Work to develop the programs, activities, and ministries of the church
Give guidance to the organizations in the areas of Bible Study, Discipleship Training, Vacation Bible School (VBS)
Work to develop and schedule training opportunities for church workers and leaders
Assist the Pastor in visitation and may fill the pulpit when requested
Other duties as assigned by the pastor


Pastor Jeff May
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Fort McCoy First Baptist Church

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