Southern Baptist Convention

Primary Responsibilities:
- Meet weekly with the pastoral staff to discuss the Scripture texts and theme for our three Sunday morning services to select songs, Scripture readings, prayers, responsive readings, and other forms that instruct and inspire the church family in worship. You will then oversee all preparations, personnel, (volunteer and paid staff), and presentation of these elements in the services.
- Oversee an adult praise team, choir, instrumentalists, and technical staff (sound, lighting, computer, environmental projection system) through recruitment, Biblical teaching, pastoral care, and musical training so they are equipped to assist you in facilitating worship in our services and ministries. You will lead the Thursday evening choir rehearsal and direct them as they sing in two of the Sunday services.
- Enlist, train, supervise, coordinate, and schedule all vocalists, instrumentalists, sound technicians, lighting technicians, computer technicians, video technicians, and music department staff.
- Supervise and coordinate the use and maintenance of sound, lighting and related equipment/instruments.
- Oversee the selection and purchase of all needed music, equipment and instruments, as well as all related resources in the music ministry.
- Prepare and oversee the annual budget as related to your ministry (with Administrator’s assistance)
- Participate in our weekly staff meetings for prayer, cultivating supportive relationships, instruction, encouragement, calendar planning, ministry implementation, and evaluation.
- Work with the appropriate committees and staff members to carry out the worship ministries and the overall mission of the church. This will include children and student music ministries.
- Coordinate logistical details and provide support and expertise for concerts, musicals and special events that involve music and other technical areas of the church including Community Christian School.
- Cooperate with the Senior Pastor by performing other duties as requested.


- Must be a born again Christian whose character is proven as a Pastor according to 1 Timothy 3:1-7
- Have an evident calling, adequate training, expertise, and experience for the position
- Be detail oriented, flexible, and decisive, with the ability to organize and coordinate work, set priorities, delegate, communicate effectively (verbal and written skills) build consensus, and meet deadlines.
- Submit to the leadership and established doctrine and policies of the church. (documents provided)
- Good working knowledge of computer hardware and software including, but not limited to: Microsoft Office, Pro Presenter, AVID Studio, and Adobe Photoshop (or comparable programs).
- Agreement with The Baptist Faith and Message (for doctrinal alignment)
- College degree; Seminary degree preferred
- Satisfactory, detailed resume with references that we can contact


Brian Jernigan
(941) 629-0444

First Baptist Church of Port Charlotte

20035 Quesada Ave
Port Charlotte, FL 33952-1112
(941) 629-0444

Located at the corner of Forrest Nelson and Quesada, First Baptist has served Port Charlotte and the surrounding communities since 1961. Our mission is the Great Commission. Our discipleship process is designed to help people get connected to the Father – through corporate worship, the Family – through small group fellowship, and the Fields – through mission opportunities. We believe these goals correspond with our three core values: Truth, Love, and Service. We’d love to have you join us for our Sunday morning activities.