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We are a small church following God in moving to the next level of worship. The Worship Leader position will develop and lead the worship music ministry for Peace Creek Baptist Church, in consultation with the lead pastor and other team members, in a way that is consistent with our theology, mission, and values.

We long to be a Christ centered church. A church that desires to be built on the foundation prescribed by Jesus himself. Never forgetting the faithful history of the church, yet focused on our glorious hope and future in Christ and the gospel. Reaching our community with the gospel, allowing the Holy Spirit to move and guide as we offer worship that is contextual and authentic.

Responsibilities will include:
• Maintain a strong personal relationship with God through personal Bible study.
• Maintain a strong prayer focus for the music ministry.
• Reports directly to the lead pastor.
• Participate in the life and ministry of the church.
• Select and plan music for two Sunday services (contemporary and traditional).
• Participate in the creative planning of the Sunday and special services with the lead pastor and other worship team members.
• Recruit, equip, motivate, supervise and shepherd music team and musicians.
• Develop musical teams and ensembles for services.
• Assist with outreach events into the community via performances at other organizations as appropriate.
• Must be teachable.
• Will do to their best to uphold the lead pastor's vision for the church.
• Will be completely loyal to the lead pastor.
• Active in altar times for themselves and for the people they have charge of.
• Will [generally] be involved in all church functions.
• Must always have Jesus and the church at heart.
• Faithful in church attendance & giving.
• Willing to preach and/or teach the full Counsel of God’s Word in its context when asked.
• Must be faithful as God’s role model.
• Must be faithful to uphold the holy standards of Scripture.
• Willing to give extra of themselves to advance the kingdom of God, thinking of others first.

We recognize that at the current time, this position is a non-paid volunteer, however, this position will offer some excellent ministry experience. Your time is valuable and we want to respect your time. We ask that you prayerfully consider this position as it will require a minimum of 5 hours a week on Sundays (7:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.) at the church. We welcome any other time to help/learn/apply in ministry with regards to Wednesday night activities as well. There will also be other times on your own during the week to prepare and communicate with the lead pastor.

The guidelines & job description for staff are set by the pastor and the personnel committee. They are not merely suggestions for anyone just to consider, but they are requirements to serve at our church.


• Authentic relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
• Ability to shepherd volunteer musicians in the Christian life.
• Love and respect for people.
• Attested musical skills and competence.
• Ability to organize, coordinate, and motivate musicians and technical team members.
• Sense of humor and positive attitude.
• Strong team player with the rest of the leadership and congregation.
• Committed to the church's mission, vision, leadership, and people.
• Humble, dependable, responsible, self-motivated, and creative.

Musical Competencies:
• Ability in wide range of styles including Christian classics (hymns), as well as current Contemporary praise & worship.
• Ability to lead worship and to train others as individual and team worship leaders.
• Professional quality piano/keyboard or guitar player.
• Composing, arranging, writing, and sequencing music (preferred).
• Ability in producing and directing special events, musicals and programs.
• Experience with technical aspects of services: for example, sound boards, video editing, etc. (is a plus for working with Audio/Visual team).


Stephen Thomas - Lead Pastor
(863) 533-9263

Peace Creek Baptist Church

3070 State Rd 60 E
Bartow, FL 33830-9609
(863) 533-9263

Welcome to Peace Creek Baptist Church, where it is our goal for you to feel at home. Our worship services are for those that enjoy the Word of God preached and expounded upon; our music is a mixture of hymns and contemporary music. We pray you will come and attend our worship service and be blessed in hearing from the Lord Jesus Christ.