Southern Baptist Convention

We are a Southern Baptist church looking to fill the position of pastor of our church. We are a member of the Pee Dee Baptist Association located in Dillon, SC that has an average Sunday attendance of 135 people. We are looking for a man of God, grounded in faith and God’s Word, who has a minimum of 5 years experience in a Southern Baptist church, as well as, a seminary degree. Final salary and benefits to be determined based on years of experience and education level. We are prayerfully in pursuit of the man God would bring to our church. Thanks for your interest. All resumes are to be submitted by email to by the date of December 10, 2017.


Some of the duties expected to be performed would include, but not be limited to: preach Spirit filled sermons from God’s word, conducting and planning our worship services, conduct funerals and marriages (as described in God’s Word, one man to one woman) as needed, visit and minister to church members and families either in their homes, nursing homes, or hospitals, give input to the use of the church budget Bionically, assist the church in the pursuit to stay relevant with modern technology, excel in the areas of administration and communication, oversee and supervise other paid church staff, be a husband of one wife, model a healthy Christian relationship in your home.


Josh Walters
(803) 374-5987

Mount Calvary Baptist Church

405 Mount Calvary Rd
Dillon, SC 29536-6082
(843) 774-7871

Christ reached out to people of all ages and backgrounds and at Mount Calvary Baptist Church we desire to do the same. We have a place for everyone to study the Scriptures, fellowship together, and minister to others through numerous service opportunities. We exist for you and for all who would know God and live life to the fullest through a relationship with Him. We are ordinary people just like you. You might say we are like beggars who have found a limitless source of bread. We want to share what we have found with our hungry neighbors. Mount calvary Baptist Church exists to reach Dillon, the Carolinas, and beyond for Jesus. We are a God fearing, Bible believing, people loving church. We want you to experience the blessings of God through the life of Mount Calvary Baptist Church.