Southern Baptist Convention

The Youth Pastor of First Baptist Church in Nevada will lead a volunteer ministry team who will execute a ministry of making disciples who make disciples with an emphasis placed on grades 6-12. He/she will provide a youth ministry environment that is welcoming and challenging for spiritual growth. He/she will provide ministry to youth and families both within the framework of in-church ministry and community involvement.

I. Position Structure
A. Full-time, salaried, ministerial position
B. Accountable to and Supervised by the Senior Pastor
C. Subject to the Policies and Procedures outlined in the Personnel Manual

II. Position Basic Qualifications
A. Personal Qualifications
1. Must be a devoted follower of Jesus Christ
2. Must generally subscribe to the Baptist Faith and Message, 2000 edition
3. Must be willing to become a member of First Baptist Church, Nevada and support her mission and ministry
4. Must maintain an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through daily time with God and an accountability relationship with another devoted follower of Christ
B. Professional Qualifications
1. Must view the role as a ministry calling of God
2. Must protect the reputation of and well-represent both Jesus Christ and First Baptist Church in all personal and professional, private and public relationships and activities
3. Must be able to maintain confidentiality
4. Must show loyalty to the Lord, the family, the church, and the staff


III. General Responsibilities
A. Youth Ministry Leadership
1. Lead the volunteer ministry team to plan and provide a strong, cohesive, disciple-making
ministry to youth and families.
a) Plan and coordinate ministry programs and events geared toward youth and families to
create opportunities to develop relationships with God and each other; including but not
limited to:
(1) Green Room
(a) Midweek ministry of worship and teaching for youth, creates social outlets for students and an inviting environment for spiritual growth
(b) Sunday Morning worship and small groups
(2) 5th Quarters after home football games
(3) Summer Camp
(4) Graduate Recognition
b) Communicate effectively with youth, families, leaders, volunteers, church, and the
c) Provide mission opportunities for youth and families
d) Equip families to be spiritually engaged at home
2. Develop the Youth Ministry Leadership
a) Recruit and develop leaders to function in roles based on their ministry SHAPE
b) Provide inspiration, training and appreciation for volunteers
c) Meet regularly with leaders and volunteers to pray and to discuss upcoming events,
challenges, solutions and praises
d) Mentor those who feel called to ministry
3. Develop youth ministry budget and diligently track expenditures and income
4. Attend conferences, read books and articles and connect with other youth ministry
professionals to stay current, refreshed and equipped for ministry in today’s culture
B. Community Involvement
1. Develop relationships with youth and adults that lead them to Jesus and make disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus
2. Devote time to attend middle and high school activities to increase visibility and demonstrate interest in, and support for, our youth
3. Be available, approachable and caring
4. Provide outreach ministry to youth
5. Visit with hospitalized youth and their families
6. Pray for the youth and families of our community
7. Identify the needs and interests of teens within our community
IV. Staff Responsibilities
A. Work with the FBC Staff in providing ministry to our community and members while demonstrating a professional and positive team spirit that supports the mission and core values of FBC Nevada
B. Attend weekly staff meetings
C. Assist with other ministerial duties, such as preaching, when assigned by the Senior Pastor


Lindsay Jackson
(417) 684-0885

First Baptist Church

301 E Highland Ave
Nevada, MO 64772-1016
(417) 667-6036