Southern Baptist Convention

Alpine Chapel in Telluride, CO is seeking to hire a Transitional or Interim Pastor to provide Godly leadership and spiritual oversight to Alpine Chapel during the time we are without a full time Senior Pastor. Primary responsibilities include preaching God's word with clarity and conviction each Sunday. Teach at least one Bible study a week. Be available to counsel and encourage as needed by Skype/Phone/email, etc. Connect with congregation and community by being in Telluride three days a week, including Sunday. Disciple members to assist them in discovering a place of service suited to their gifts and talents. Provide pastoral care during times of grief, crisis, illness and personal transition. Attend funerals in the community as a representative of Alpine Chapel and or organize other leaders from Alpine Chapel to attend in your absence. Participate in monthly Leadership Council meetings. Represent the church in the community and with denominational actives. Coordinate worship on Sundays. Lead the staff in prayer before services. Build relationships with attendees before and after Sunday service. Provide sermon topic to staff two weeks prior for coordination purposes. Serve communion first Sunday of each month. Collaborate with staff. Model a life of faith and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Minimum five years successful pastoral ministry. Minimum commitment of 12 months. Seminary preferred. Available to start by September 1, 2017. Must have available recent sermon video. Up to date resume. Five references required. Good preaching skills. Good administrative skills. Good with people. Good communicator.


Pastor Search Committee Clerk