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The Pastor of Worship and Discipleship is a full-time position that is responsible to the Senior Pastor for the development of the worship ministry and providing a complete and integrated discipleship ministry and LIFE Groups for the spiritual growth of members to glorify God by Being Disciples who Make Disciples. Must be an M.A./M.Div Student or Graduate to apply.

Hebron Baptist Church averages 240+ in two worship services and is located in Hebron, KY a suburb of Cincinnati. We are located 20 minutes from downtown Cincy, 10 minutes from the Creation Museum and 40 minutes from The Ark Encounter. The community is a community of young professionals and great opportunity for the Great Commission. HBC is committed to Glorifying God by being disciples who make disciples in Northern Kentucky and the Nations. We desire to worship that leads to discipleship and missions. We also have an Acts 1:8 missions strategy with partners in Northern Kentucky, Salt Lake City, and London. We are longing for a leader to drive us deep into worship of God and to help our LIFE Groups and discipleship strategy

1. Direct the planning, coordinating, conducting, promotion and follow-through of the worship ministry and discipleship ministry of the church; evaluating each program based on church purpose and goals.

2. Work with the Senior Pastor in planning leading of weekly worship services, revivals and all other special programs and services (funerals, revivals, etc.).

3. Direct all musical groups, choirs, bands in practice and in performance.

4. Encourage growth and development of musical talents and abilities in the church for the purpose of a music ministry.

5. Oversee the entire worship ministry

6. Lead in the design implementation and execution of a total discipleship ministry to include one-to-one/mentoring discipleship, L.I.F.E. groups, gifts/strengths/talent discovery and mid-sized group/course-based education.

7. Work with the Discipleship Director and discipleship ministry team leaders (Pre-K to Adults) to identify, assess, train, and encourage leaders/teachers within the discipleship ministry of the church.

8. Keep discipleship visible as an integral part of the sanctification and growth of members of Hebron Baptist Church.

9. Oversee the entire Discipleship ministry

***Full Job Description is available by email.


Be in agreement with the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message, have a sense of appreciation for Southern Baptist practice and doctrine, and promote the church in this tradition.
Will have a Master’s Degree or pursuing one from a Southern Baptist Seminary.
The candidate must have an undergraduate or graduate degree in music/worship leadership.
Will have experience in serving on staff either full/part time in Worship OR Discipleship and experience in both.
Must be a musician who can play an instrument, highly skilled in leading in contemporary worship. and willing to lead a choir.
The Worship and Discipleship Pastor will oversee Worship Ministry and Discipleship Ministry of LIFE Groups.


Shawn Dobbins
(859) 689-7282

Hebron Baptist Church

3435 Limaburg Rd
Hebron, KY 41048
(859) 689-7282

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