Position Overview: We are seeking an experienced servant of Christ who desires to use their many gifts and talents to pastor our church for a transitional period of one to two years. We are preparing in the very near future to build a new sanctuary and education building. Our final building plans are nearing completion and the project has been approved by the city. Our trusted pastor and friend of 14 years has accepted God’s call to serve in Southern California. We know his walk with the Lord and accept that this is God’s timing for everyone. We are praying for God to provide to our church an interim pastor who has experience in leading churches spiritually during a building program. This may appeal particularly to a recently retired pastor.
Start Date: Nov. 1, 2014 (or earlier)
End Date: The conclusion will be within a 12 to 24 month time frame. This will be reviewed regularly as the building program and the pastor search process proceed.
Position Status: Part-time salary and parsonage provided to transitional pastor
Position Highlights
1. Develop healthy relationships with great church family and growing community.
2. Bring wisdom and foster unity throughout the building program.
3. Preach the Word to congregation with high regard and respect for Holy Scripture.
4. Work alongside and mentor Korean and Spanish ministry leadership.
5. Work part-time and have time to enjoy the beautiful environment of the San Francisco Bay area of California.
6. Be a significant part of helping our church achieve this ministry dream.
Position Attributes
1. Christ honoring faith and lifestyle
2. Active devotional life
3. Ability to work well in a team environment and able to give and receive productive feedback
4. Treat others with respect, kindness and fairness
5. Servant leader as commanded by Christ
6. Embraces local, godly accountability for ministry decisions and results
7. Demonstrates to church family how to be a devoted as a husband and father to his own family
8. Humble and Gentle
9. Faithful and Honest
Major Objectives:
1. Preach quality messages that touch the mind, heart and soul of the listener.
2. Lead and emphasize the importance of church prayer ministry.
3. Lead the church to stay unified and focused on Christ’s mission during our building program.
4. Provide pastoral care to church family

Employment: This is an exempt position with a salary range of $25,000 to $35,000 per year based on experience and church resources. This is an at-will position. A parsonage will be provided in addition to salary.
• Reimburse up to $5000 total moving expenses.
• Reimbursable ministry expense budget.
• No health insurance benefits.
• 4 weeks vacation per year, accrued one week every 3 months.
Working Schedule & Conditions: This position will require 20 hours per week or more as needed. Regular scheduled office hours of at least 8 hours per week are required.
Please send your resume by US Mail or Email to:
Interim Pastor Search Committee info@calvary-santa-clara.org
Calvary Baptist Church (Subject: Interim Pastor Candidate)
3137 Forbes Ave.
Santa Clara, CA 95051


1. Must satisfy the scriptural requirements for a pastor, including 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.
2. Current active participation in a SBC local church. Upon relocation pastor and family will be expected to join the membership of this church. Family members will be expected to be active in the life of the church.
3. Support for Southern Baptist doctrinal standards as found in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.
4. Enjoy people from all cultures, languages and locations.
5. An active listener and diplomatic communicator with paid staff, volunteers and community at large.
6. A ministry degree from a Southern Baptist Seminary, or equivalent.
7. Must work within the current bylaws and governance structures of the church.
8. A commitment to SBC mission support of the local association and Cooperative program.
9. A biblical conviction that God’s people all have value and a meaningful voice in the future decisions of the church.
10. This position will not be a candidate for the permanent full-time pastor of the church.
11. This position requires a background check conducted through the associational office on our behalf.
Accountability: This ministry position is accountable to the personnel for most issues. Some issues may be determined by the congregation as a whole.


Ray Graves
(408) 248-7970

Calvary So Baptist Church

3137 Forbes Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408) 248-7970