Bi-vocational worship pastor, contemporary worship at a church plant in Castaic, CA. We meet at a charter school theater, and are a growing church that is ready to move forward with a part-time bi-vocational worship pastor. This job will move to a full-time position in the future, and we would consider discussion creative solutions to make this a full-time position from the start. Let's talk! The church website is


Must be theologically in line with the Baptist Faith and Message, be willing to grow into the position, seminary training a plus but not required, but be able to lead, plan, schedule and maintain worship services. Discipleship of team members is highly valued.


Pastor Kevin Molloy
(661) 219-5577

Hope Christian Church

SCVi Theater, 28060 Hasley Canyon Rd
Castaic, CA 91384
(661) 219-5577

Hope Christian Church is a Southern Baptist (SBC) congregation in Castaic made up of a group of regular people who are growing to love God. Each week we come together @ 10am for worship at the SCVi Theater at 28060 Hasley Canyon Road, right behind Jack-in-the-Box. When you come this weekend, you can expect a time of singing, teaching, and a time of engaging discussion. Bring a friend!