Southern Baptist Convention

Bi-vocational worship pastor, contemporary worship at a church plant in Castaic, CA. We meet at a charter school theater, and are a growing church that is ready to move forward with a part-time bi-vocational worship pastor. This job will move to a full-time position in the future, and we would consider discussion creative solutions to make this a full-time position from the start. Let's talk! The church website is


Must be theologically in line with the Baptist Faith and Message, be willing to grow into the position, seminary/Bible college training a plus (but not required). Must be able to lead, plan, schedule and maintain worship services.

Discipleship of team members is highly valued. Call Pastor Kevin- (661) 219-5577


Pastor Kevin Molloy
(661) 219-5577

Hope Christian Church

SCVi Theater, 28060 Hasley Canyon Rd
Castaic, CA 91384
(661) 219-5577

Hope Christian Church is a Southern Baptist (SBC) congregation in Castaic made up of a group of regular people who are growing to love God. Each week we come together @ 10am for worship at the SCVi Theater at 28060 Hasley Canyon Road, right behind Jack-in-the-Box. When you come this weekend, you can expect a time of singing, teaching, and a time of engaging discussion. Bring a friend!