Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville, KY is looking to hire a faithful, godly man to serve full time as our Worship Music and Community Discipleship Pastor. Immanuel is an Evangelical, Reformed, and Baptist church that is mature in doctrine and practice and is in friendly cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention. Growing steadily with new members who are young professionals with new families, Immanuel is seeking to excellently equip and lead the church to sing joyfully in response to the great salvation we have received. Candidates for this position will be considered based on their biblical qualifications to serve as a pastor (1 Tim. 5; Titus 1), their technical music ability and experience, as well as their compatibility with Immanuel's vision, mission, and philosophy of ministry. A full job description can be found at Resumes, including references, can be submitted to Immanuel's Executive Pastor Ben Hedrick at


• Fulfill the Immanuel membership covenant
• Fulfill the qualifications for a Pastor found in Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Timothy 1:3-7
• Previous staff worship ministry and pastoral experience
• Administrative capacity in organizing volunteers and observing budgeting parameters
• Demonstrated musical skill (ie: music theory) and theological discernment
Musical Skills highly preferred:
- able to tab music
- read music, theory
- excellent music ear
- ability to arrange musical and vocal ensembles in multiple musical styles
- proficient in running sound
• Working knowledge of sound technology, equipment, and installation
• Like Mindedness with Immanuel's vision, mission, and philosophy of ministry
• Demonstrated communication abilities in writing, on the phone, and face-to-face
• Genial, hospitable, humble, and flexible disposition


Ben Hedrick
(502) 585-2733


1121 S Clay St
Louisville, KY 40203
(502) 585-2733

Welcome to Immanuel! We’re thankful that you’re interested in learning more about us. So who are we? We are people from different backgrounds who have been joined together by Jesus to build a community from all cultures where He is King. Because of Jesus, we are a people who are both diverse and united. We are diverse in our backgrounds. Some of us grew up in the inner city, some of us grew up in the suburbs. Some of grew up rich, some of us grew up poor. Some of us grew up thinking we were too good to need God, others grew up thinking we were too bad to be accepted by God. Our paths to Jesus have all been different. Nonetheless, we have found a great unity in Jesus. We have found unity in being sinners. All of us whether black or white, rich or poor, have found that we have sinned against God. We have also found unity in His redemption. We have found that through His death and resurrection, Jesus redeems sinners. He forgives all kinds of sinners and changes their lives! He shows people who think they don’t need Him that they desperately need Him. And, He shows people who think they are too bad for Him, that He is actually eager to welcome them in. All of us have found a common bond in our great delight in Jesus! That’s us. Welcome to our community! We sincerely hope that, no matter what your background, God will work in your life through Jesus and that you will join us in building a community from all cultures where Christ is King.