Southern Baptist Convention

The Church at Quail Creek Amarillo, Texas is searching for a Full Time Music/Creative Pastor. The minister would be responsible for the overseeing and equipping of the music ministry of the church. The minister would also serve as a member of the ministry, leadership, and planning team of the church.


Character and Conduct
1. Is a Spirit-filled follower of Jesus Christ.
2. Has a clear understanding of a personal call to ministry.
3. Is a person of convictions and integrity.
4. Ministers to their family and has their support. (1st Tim. 3:4-5)
5. Is a self-starter who is organized and prepared.
6. Is able to motivate, organize and lead others.
7. Is teachable and able to receive constructive criticism.
8. Practices personal evangelism.
9. Meets the following disclosure requirements: pass a criminal background
check, credit history inquiry and substance abuse test.

Understands and is in agreement with Southern Baptist doctrine (as expressed in the latest revision of the Baptist Faith and Message) and with the doctrine and policies of The Church at Quail Creek (as expressed in the Member Covenant of the church constitution).


Skills and Abilities
1. Able to appreciate and utilize all genres and styles of Christian music.
2. Able to plan, prepare and lead a blended music style worship service.
3. Possess enthusiasm and energy while directing and leading.
4. Able to identify all vocal ranges and assign all vocal parts.
5. Able to teach any vocal part (within one’s voice range).
6. Able to understand and teach music terminology.
7. Possess knowledge of piano, organ and keyboard, and preferably, be able
to play at least one of these.
8. Able to identify theological quality and accuracy of lyrics.
9. Be able to teach and develop orchestral ministry.
10. Able to develop, direct and lead choirs of all ages.
11. Work with Senior Pastor to add creative elements to stage and worship services.

Possess prior church work experience as either a paid staff member (full or part time) or as a volunteer.


Kyle Clayton
(806) 358-7681

The Church at Quail Creek

801 Tascosa Rd
Amarillo, TX 79124-1515
(806) 358-7681