The CM shall earnestly seek to spread the Gospel, develop leaders, and create change working with children and children’s leaders.


IV. Qualifications
• The CM will be an individual who lives a life worthy of the calling he/she has received as a minister (Eph 4:1-3).
• The individual will have a well-articulated, zealous passion for fulfilling the Great Commission.
• The CM should possess good interpersonal skills, proven administrative abilities, be a team player and be committed to the local church.
• The individual must enthusiastically embrace the vision, mission, and values of Living found in our Membership and Leadership Covenants as well as our Personnel Handbook.
• The CM will be a leader to leaders continuously expanding the ministry to children through a broader base of leadership.
• Oversee the proper use and accountability of Living Hope’s personal evangelism teaching, The Story. Their website is found at
• The CM must be aware of Biblical peacemaking and show an understanding and heart for it. The model we use is found at
• The CM will be a member in good standing of Living Hope Baptist Church, or become a member within three months of beginning the CM position.


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Living Hope

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Living Hope Baptist Church is a contemporary Southern Baptist Church which exists to be a community Connecting with God and Caring for People. "The Hope" is a place where people are developing an authentic faith in God and remarkable relationships with friends, and where imperfect people are finding peace with God and sharing the Good News that there is hope.