Southern Baptist Convention

Paoli Baptist Church
Senior Pastor Job Description

We, the church family of Paoli Baptist Church, enlist the help of our pastor to carry out our mission by working with the Deacons, all elected leaders and the church family. We feel that in order to accomplish this, our pastor will need to lead in the following ways:
Preaching, Prayer, and Bible Study
1) As the spiritual leader of the church, he shall lead the church in worship at regular meetings* and at such special times as the church designates.
a) He shall preside at all services of the church and administer its ordinances. This would include Sunday night bible study and Wednesday night prayer meeting.
b) He and the Deacons will work together to see that the pulpit is filled in the pastor’s absence or for special occasions in the life of the church.
Leadership Skills
2) He shall give administrative leadership and supervision to the work of the church office, staff, and other employees.
a) He shall give administrative leadership to program organizations and team/committees of the church and shall be a voting member of all teams of the church as defined by the Constitution and Bylaws.
b) He shall support the current ministries of the church community.
Outreach and Evangelism
3) He shall supply leadership to all outreach activities of the church by practicing personal evangelism, and by training and enlisting our church family in evangelism and outreach.
a) Lead in outreach to people in the community, especially in our need of more youth and young families (at least once a month).
b) Contact visitors to our church.
c) Promote our church in the community. Enlist the help of the church family where needed.
d) He shall support and participate in the current ministries in the church community (i.e., nursing home ministries, prison ministry, quarterly service projects, etc.)
Church Family Ministry
4) He shall provide pastoral care in the name of Christ. He shall seek to minister to the needs of church members.
a) Coordinate, plan, and support senior adult ministries (at least once monthly).
b) Visit church families who are ill, in the hospital, or shut-ins.
c) Be available for counseling and discipleship to the church family.


Paoli Baptist Church (PBC) is a southern Baptist church (SBC) located about 25 miles west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are a diverse, multi-generational and multicultural suburban congregation.

We seek a seminary graduate. Experience helpful but not required. A preferred candidate would be someone who can connect with new young families to grow the Church, but still able to provide spiritual growth and needed nurturing to the experienced families.

Resumes should be emailed to

Resumes may also be mailed to:
Tom Munchback, Pastor Search Committee Chairperson
Paoli Baptist Church
33 E. Lancaster Ave
Paoli, PA 19301

Mailed resumes should be postmarked by June 12th to:

If you have any additional questions or need additional information please contact Tom Munchback or you may also contact the church at 610-647-1612.


Thomas Munchback
(610) 647-1612

Paoli Baptist Church

33 E. Lancaster Avenue
Paoli, PA 19301
(610) 647-1612

People matter. All ages, all kinds. Our church, like our community is home to people from varied professional and cultural backgrounds. God is an inviting God, leading us to Abundant life, purposeful connection, and a place to spiritually refuel. We're "going places with God" on mission! Sunday School.....................9:45 AM Sunday Worship...................11:00 AM Romanian Church...................1:00 PM Small Group Meeting..............6:00 PM Wednesday Men's Prayer........6:30 AM Wednesday Fellowship Meal.....6:30 PM Wednesday Prayer Service.....7:10 PM Choir Rehearsal......................8:00 PM