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Tiny houses: Sanctuary for needy shows 'God is good'

Tiny homes under construction spearheaded by a small Appalachian congregation will offer sanctuary and livelihood to people recovering from addiction and other life setbacks. Crossroads Community Church in Stearns, Ky., bought a 13-acre site and is building 20 homes of 300- to 540-square-feet to meet the needs of a community impacted by poverty, broken families and substance abuse addiction. Read More...

Meet Southern Baptists

For almost 170 years, Southern Baptists have sought to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people everywhere. The Southern Baptist Convention was formed with a Gospel vision. Its founding charter identifies its singular focus: ...for the purpose of eliciting, combining, and directing the energies of the Baptist denomination of Christians, for the propagation of the Gospel... Read More...

Today's Devotion

From the Book of Proverbs:

Fear of God — the beginning of wisdom; necessity of searching for wisdom; importance of trusting in the Lord.

How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge? (Prov. 1:22).

The simple ones are not the ignorant, but rather those who permit their natural desires for self-pleasure to become the motivating force in their lives. Over a period of time, it seems the simple ones become scorners — more set in their disinterest for the Truth. Because of their unwillingness to search for Truth, they eventually become hardened in sin and hate knowledge. Then God calls them fools. Those who reject the Word of God are destined to walk down this path. If they had accepted His Word, it would have softened their hearts, they would have repented, and walked on a different path. However, they chose to walk their own way. The apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ . . . told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts (Jude 1:17-18). - Continue...

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