Southern Baptist Convention

INSTRUCTIONS: Please fill-out the following online form completely or complete this PDF form and email or mail to or

SBC Credentials Committee
901 Commerce Street
Nashville, TN 37203

This form should be used to submit a church to the SBC Credentials Committee for consideration regarding its relationship with the Southern Baptist Convention. The Credentials Committee may submit a recommendation to the Executive Committee that a church be removed from its cooperative standing with the Southern Baptist Convention at the Executive Committee’s mid-September, mid-February, or June meeting just prior to the SBC annual meeting.

Once a submission has been received by the Credentials Committee, the Committee will communicate in a timely manner with (a) the submitter of any concern and (b) the church about which a concern has been raised.* It will not release comments or updates regarding submissions through the media or by other means unless or until a recommendation is submitted to the Executive Committee for withdrawal of fellowship from a church.

*This is why we recommend that law enforcement be contacted first. We do not want the actions of the Credentials Committee to confound a needed investigation. Our role is to inquire of the church under question. The church is likely to question the alleged abuser. If the legal investigation has not already begun and reached the point of pressing charges at the time we contact the church, this could make the investigative process more difficult.

Submitter Information

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The Committee cannot consider anonymous submissions against a church.

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