Southern Baptist Convention

for week of July 24, 2016

New Life for a Dying Church
[Kansas] KRISTOPHER SMILKO’s newly formed congregation was growing quickly and needed a meeting space. God led them to a church with a dwindling congregation. The two merged to form Grace on the Rock church. The church is located in Sedan, Kansas, a small community where many people grew up attending church and say they believe in God, but do not have a relationship with Jesus. Kristopher says drug abuse and subsequent poverty have become strongholds that keep people from following Jesus. Pray for Grace on the Rock as they search for another worship leader. Pray that the church continues to grow and give generously through the Cooperative Program to support this ministry.

for week of July 24, 2016

Embrace a New Culture
[Sub-Saharan Africa] IMB missionaries, BRENDA and JIM BROCK, met Irina,* a girl who told them she would never become a Christian because she would lose her culture if she did. Irina began attending a Bible study with the Brocks on Saturdays, spending the night at their house and then going with them to church on Sunday mornings. Irina has now been baptized, and when Jim asked her if she understood how much God loved her, her answer was, “Of course!” Your gifts through the Cooperative Program support missionaries like the Brocks who are telling people all over the world how much God loves them.

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