Southern Baptist Convention

for week of January 15, 2017

Softening Hearts in Cincinnati
[Ohio] TERRY and LEE KIRKLAND grew up in Panama City, Fla., where they both came to faith in Jesus at a young age. Terry serves as a church planting apprentice at Red Door Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Terry and Lee are currently planting a church in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Oakley, which has a 1 to 59,000 SBC church-to-population ratio. The church began as a small group and has grown to a Sunday gathering with multiple home groups. The Kirklands thank you for your gifts given through the Cooperative Program and ask you to pray the Lord would soften the hearts of their Oakley neighbors to the gospel.

for week of January 15, 2017

Bringing People to Jesus amidst DifFiculties
[Mongolia] IMB workers, PETER and LUCY STATION*, work among people in a Mongolian tent community. They shared the Christmas story with a married couple, Ganzorig and Enkhtuya, and they believed in Jesus. Ganzorig and Enkhtuya began sharing their testimony with their tent community and were baptized in the Stations’ bathtub. Sadly, Ganzorig is in the end stages of liver failure after contracting hepatitis from dirty hospital equipment. Lucy says his outlook is not promising, but Enkhtuya and the couple’s daughters are trusting in Father’s good and perfect will. Pray God uses the Stations, who are supported by gifts through the Cooperative Program, to bring more people to Him during this difficult time.

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