Southern Baptist Convention


A “new and improved” journal of SBC missionary work called 52 Sundays is replacing a several decade church resource, Missionary Moments, designed to elevate Southern Baptist’s missionary endeavors at home and across the world.

52 Sundays, a new missions resource is a weekly journal and prayer guide for churches, which tells of missions work of the International Mission Board (IMB), the North American Mission Board (NAMB), and state convention mission work.

On behalf of thousands of SBC missionaries, at home and across the world, THANK YOU SOUTHERN BAPTISTS, for listening to our stories and praying for work in advancing the gospel to lost and hurting people everywhere! Thank you for supporting SBC missions and ministries through the Cooperative Program, Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and our state missions offerings. This new church resource, 52 Sundays, is a reminder to all of our churches to continue to PRAY, continue to GO and continue to GIVE!

52 Sundays is designed to be a resource for every SBC church. Many churches read, or tell, the stories contained in this missions resource on Sunday, and/or Wednesday, church services. In the last week of every month, the upcoming “month of Sundays” stories will be posted at this site. You are free to access these stories and materials for printing, or otherwise display, in a way that best meets the needs of your church. Thank you for your faithfulness!

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