Southern Baptist Convention

for week of July 23, 2017

Spiritual Warfare in West Africa
[Sub-Saharan Africa] “A year ago we had only a few believers, and today we have two churches,” said Christian worker LAURA REESE* in West Africa. “I am speechless about how God is reaching my people.” Recently 61 new believers in two villages were baptized. Witch doctors from those villages came to cast spells against the believers, but Laura praised God with local believers when nothing resulted from the witch doctors’ efforts to destroy their faith. Your gifts through the Cooperative Program support Laura as she disciples and encourages these new believers. Pray they will remain safe and will be granted permission to meet freely for church services and Bible studies.

for week of July 23, 2017

The Gospel Online
[Eurasia] Christian worker JOE KELLEY manages a page on a multilingual website where people ask questions about the gospel. A young believer helps him translate the answers. Joe checks them because sometimes the young man’s translations change the biblical meaning. Although frustrating, Joe sees it as an opportunity to teach doctrine. “He thinks he’s improving the text, when most of the time he’s changing the meaning,” Joe said. “So we have a discussion about why it’s wrong.” Your generous gifts through the Cooperative Program enable Joe to answer gospel questions for this online ministry and disciple young believers through these unexpected opportunities.

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