Southern Baptist Convention

for week of August 21, 2016

The One God Sent
[Iowa] In 2012, GILMER MAURICIO traveled from Bolivia to Cedar Rapids to visit family. While there, he visited Immanuel Baptist Church and asked the pastor about a Hispanic church. Gilmer did not know God had placed planting a Hispanic church on the heart of this pastor or that he had been praying for four years for someone to lead that work. The pastor told Gilmer if he was the one God had sent he could start immediately. Now the whole family and the church continue to grow. Pray for Gilmer and his wife, ETHEL, as they emphasize salvation and work to restore and strengthen Hispanic families, and give generously through the Cooperative Program.

for week of August 21, 2016

The Perfect Sacrifice
[West Africa] A sheep ran around the legs of Christian worker SAM GARDNER* while he was talking with a group of men in town. Seeing Sam’s startled reaction, a man in the group said, “Sorry, we need them for sacrifices.” Sam replied, “Christians do not perform animal sacrifices because Jesus is our perfect sacrifice. All our sins—past, present and future—are dealt with through the perfect sacrifice of Jesus. This is a big difference between us.” Thank you for giving through the Cooperative Program so Sam can clearly explain the message of Jesus in West Africa.

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