Southern Baptist Convention

for week of April 19, 2015

MORNING: A Passion for the Lost
(Guam) RENATO and VELLAMORA BOSI have a passion for reaching as many lost souls as they can. In 33 years of ministry they have started 12 self-supporting churches that are planting more churches of their own. Presently Renato is planting a new church in Guam and is training four aspiring church planters to plant more churches in Guam in an effort to reach the 93 percent who are lost. Renato and Vellamora are thankful for your support of the Cooperative Program and ask that you pray for them as they seek areas in need of new church plants. Pray also that God will protect and guide their children who are living in the states.

for week of April 19, 2015

MORNING: Being Strong in the Faith
(Central Asia) Workers with the Hazara people, an unreached people group in Central Asia, have helped to shepherd the first known in-country marriage between two believers. They have counseled this couple through the early years of marriage and the birth of their first child. Because you give through the Cooperative Program, Christian families are being started in countries closed to the Gospel. Please pray for this family to be strong in their faith in conditions of severe persecution.

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