Southern Baptist Convention

for week of August 2, 2015

MORNING: Access to Bible Stories
(Deaf) IMB workers write: “One by one, slowly, the Deaf in Southeast Asia are abandoning their Buddhist rituals and turning to the one true God. Two Deaf missionaries trained Deaf Asians how to craft Bible stories into their Sign Language. Seven Bible stories were completed, filmed and uploaded to a phone application. These Deaf now have access to seven Bible stories. While this is so incredibly promising, these Deaf national believers have been hindered from returning to complete the stories. The Deaf must work long hard hours to provide for themselves and their families. Your Cooperative Program gifts support a team of Deaf workers within this vastly unreached people group.

for week of August 2, 2015

MORNING: Financial and Spiritual Crisis
(Michigan) WAYNE PARKER grew up in metro Detroit. His experience as a church planter, church planting catalyst and a director of missions has equipped him for his current position as NAMB’s Send City coordinator for the city of Detroit. Because of the slowing of automobile manufacturing and other opportunities for employment, Detroit is in financial crisis. It is also suffering spiritually. Though church buildings dot the city, many that once housed some of the great Gospel voices in the country now sit virtually empty on Sunday mornings. Giving through the Cooperative Program will help turn things around in Detroit. Pray for spiritual awakening in Detroit and wisdom for Wayne, Detroit planters and their partners.

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