Southern Baptist Convention

for week of October 4, 2015

EVENING: The Shepherd Laid Down His Life for His Sheep
EVENING: The Shepherd Laid Down His Life for His Sheep (Central Asia) When Christian worker MADELINE ARTHINGTON* visited a Quran class with her Muslim friend, she was struck by the power that deceived the women. “This is the shepherd of death,” Madeline thought. “These bright-eyed women sitting next to me are following a shepherd of death who denies Jesus Christ as the way of salvation. He denies a loving heavenly Father and the gift of grace. Their shepherd comes to steal, kill and destroy. He denies the existence of another Shepherd—One who laid down His life for His sheep.” Your giving through the Cooperative Program allows Madeline to point people to the Shepherd who brings eternal life.

for week of October 4, 2015

EVENING: Offer Grace and Peace to the Community
(New York) CHRISTY DYER is part of a church planting team in Long Island City, New York. Her church, New City Church, seeks to offer grace and peace to the community. The population in the area is growing and estimates predict at least 100,000 will live in this 3-mile area in the next few years. As the population grows so does the need for evangelical churches. Most New Yorkers do not have a relationship with Christ, and even if they wanted to attend church on Sunday there are not many options. Your Cooperative Program dollars will help plant these much-needed churches. Pray God will open doors to relationships with people living and working in Long Island City.

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