Southern Baptist Convention

for week of August 30, 2015

EVENING: Building Relationships One Person at a Time
(Nebraska) Deep in America’s Heartland, KARL FOREHAND depends totally on God to forge a relational ministry with Nebraskans. Karl says, “I believe ministry should be a relationship thing. Anything built on hype or promotion or events will eventually lose steam. But ministries built one relationship at a time are very stable.” Karl began relational ministry years ago when he led his future wife LAURA to the Lord. This caused him to get right with God and answer a call to ministry. Through the Cooperative Program, you are partnering with the Forehands as they replant Faith Baptist Church. Pray that something lasting will be built and that Karl and Laura will enjoy this season in their ministry.

for week of August 30, 2015

EVENING: Opportunity to Share about Jesus’ Love
(Paraguay) As she viewed the body, RUTH KIMBAL* felt anything but hopeless. Cooperative Program gifts support Ruth, an IMB missionary in Paraguay, who works in the wing of a hospital reserved for terminally ill cancer and AIDS patients. “Every [week] I am there feeding and caring for patients, and God gives me the opportunity to share about Jesus’ love,” she explains. Ruth spent time with Celso,* a father of 13 who was dying of AIDS. After explaining the Gospel to him, Celso eagerly received Christ. A few days later, he slipped into eternity. “It gave me great joy to know … I had been able to lead him to the Savior!”

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