Southern Baptist Convention

for week of September 24, 2017

Starting New Churches in Western Washington
[Washington] Born into a family of a church planter, PHIL PETERS learned about missions as a child. When he was 9 years old, Phil and his family moved from Missouri to Washington to plant Emmanuel Baptist Church in Pullman, Wash. Today, as a church planting catalyst in western Washington, he helps start churches in the western part of the state. With 1 million people and 12,000 square miles, Phil is reaching the suburban and rural communities of the Olympic Peninsula and southwest Washington. Phil thanks you for your gifts given through the Cooperative Program and asks you to pray for the many small communities in the region that need new churches.

for week of September 24, 2017

Sharing Biblical Truths with Muslims
[Central Asia] FARISHTA* wanted to show Christian worker MARCIE* how to perform the Islamic prayer ritual, namaz. Marcie told Farishta it wasn’t necessary and pointed to her teacup. “When I leave, will you wash the outside or the inside of this cup?” Marcie asked. Farishta indicated both. “If you don’t wash the inside of the cup, will it still be dirty?” Marcie asked. Farishta agreed. Then the Holy Spirit prompted Marcie to share the story from Luke 18:9–14 about God accepting the tax collector’s humble prayer while ignoring the religious man’s prayer. Farishta had never heard this truth. Your support of workers through the Cooperative Program will help women like Farishta hear more truths.

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