Southern Baptist Convention

for week of September 25, 2016

Debunking a False Gospel
[Utah] BOBBY and LINDSAY WOOD are church planting missionaries serving near Salt Lake City. Their new congregation of young families and college students meets in a rented performance arts theater near downtown Ogden. Nearly 98 percent of the people in Utah are lost, believing either a false gospel or nothing at all. Your support of the Woods, and other missionaries in and around the Salt Lake City area, through the Cooperative Program is changing that. Pray that the Woods will form relationships within the community through their many outreaches and that many lives will be changed by professing faith in Jesus.

for week of September 25, 2016

An Imam Hears the Gospel
[Southeast Asia] When IMB missionary, NORM STARR,* took educational supplies to Muslim and Christian families living on the run from persecution in 2001, he never imagined it would open a door to share the gospel 12 years later. In 2013, Starr went back to the area and met an imam from the community he had helped years before. Thankful to him, the imam took Starr into the mosque. Starr shared the gospel with the imam. Thanks to your Cooperative Program gifts, Starr was able to continue relationships and share the truth of God’s Word with an unreached group.

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