Southern Baptist Convention

The Executive Committee is to act for the Southern Baptist Convention ad interim, or between sessions. It reviews the work of the Convention’s entities. This Committee itself is subject to the review of the Convention. The Executive Committee is also assigned program responsibilities: 1) for Cooperative Program promotion, 2) managing the Southern Baptist Foundation, which manages proceeds from wills, bequests and other investments, 3) operating Baptist Press, the SBC news service, and 4) providing a convention relations office, which articulates Southern Baptist positions to constituents and to the public through the media as well as producing SBC LIFE newsmagazine.

African American Taskforce Report

In April 2012, Dr. Frank Page, Chief Executive Officer, SBC Executive Committee, announced the appointment of an African American Council. The African American population in the Southern Baptist Convention continues to grow. African American baptisms and new churches are among the leading growth indicators in Southern Baptist life. A group of African American leaders were invited to express the needs, concerns and hopes of the African American Southern Baptist Churches and to advise the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee leadership. Download PDF Report

Asian Advisory Council Report

Download PDF Report:

Available July, 2014