Southern Baptist Convention

Daniel & Kayla Atondo


Today in our prayer time we will pray for Daniel and Kayla Atondo who have started a church in San Jose, California. You may not have heard of San Jose, but you've probably heard of Netflix and eBay and many other of the tech companies that are based in the area. This is in Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco. Daniel and Kayla have planted Eden Church there because they want the name of Jesus to be as famous as some of those tech firms are. Our church supports these missionaries through our Cooperative Program giving. The church meets Sundays in a school. To introduce Eden Church to the city, they began by ministering to the school's needs, such as clean-up projects or helping needy students. They emphasize teaching the Bible and advertise their classes in many ways. One woman heard about their Alpha course that presents the Bible's teaching on the Christian faith. The woman took the course, became a follower of Jesus and was later baptized. Let's pray now for Daniel and Kayla and ask the Lord to show them how to share Jesus with many people in this tech-focused city.

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