Southern Baptist Convention

Steve & Jen Hagen


Today for our missionary prayer time, we're going halfway around the world to the Philippines. We've all seen those cartoons about missionaries and headhunters, but there is some truth to them. Two of our missionaries, Steve and Jen Hagen, are working with a tribe called the Bugkalot people, in a mountainous area on an island in the Philippines. Years ago, the Bugkalots were headhunters. They used to kill members of other tribes and take the heads home as trophies. Then missionaries took the gospel to them. Now more than a fourth of the Bugkalots are Christian. Steve and Jen have been visiting Christians in the villages to disciple them - to train them as missionaries able to take the gospel to those other tribes they once killed. Steve and Jen take their three children with them as they visit village after village for discipleship sessions. We support Steve and Jen through our church's Cooperative Program giving. Let's pray today that God will keep the Hagen family safe as they hike through distant, dangerous mountains on an island so they can share the Good News that the people have never heard.

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