Southern Baptist Convention

Brian & Mandy Davis


Today we are going to pray for two of our missionaries in Bulgaria. That's a country in Eastern Europe. It was part of the old Soviet Union. The government used to teach that there is no God. These days, planting new churches in Bulgaria is hard because most people are still atheists. They think religion has nothing for them, so they reject the gospel without even knowing what it is. Brian and Mandy Davis are our missionaries we support in Bulgaria through our church's Cooperative Program giving. They agree Bulgaria's spiritual climate is dark, but they point to examples when the light of Christ pushes back against that dark. People are becoming Christians. It takes a long time to get to know Bulgarians well enough to share Christ with them. Brian and Mandy have worked for some time with Donka, an 85-year-old widow. She grew up under communism. Donka comes by often to read the Bible. She knows Brian and Mandy have something in their lives she needs. But so far she has not accepted Christ. Today, let's pray for Brian and Mandy, for Donka and others like her.

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