Southern Baptist Convention

Don Dent


Imagine you lived in a place where very few people had ever heard of Jesus. Nepal was that kind of place when Don Dent visited there 20 years ago. It's a small country between India and China, where Mount Everest - the world's tallest mountain - is located. More than the mountains, though, Don saw the need for churches to be planted across Nepal. Don is not a missionary, but he helps train missionaries and pastors for their work as he teaches at Gateway Seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention in California. He directs the Kim School of Global Missions there. Let me stop to say that Gateway is one of our six Southern Baptist seminaries in the United States that our church supports through our Cooperative Program giving. We're training more than 18,000 students in those schools, the biggest program of its kind in the country. In 2017 Don went back to Nepal with a 12-member missions team and they shared the Gospel with many people. Don was happy to see many more churches than during his first visit. There are many areas, though, with few churches where much more work is needed. Our church is helping send missionaries and we're helping train those missionaries. Today let's pray for Don Dent as he helps train missionaries and also serves as short-term missionary to places like Nepal.

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