Southern Baptist Convention

Marcia & Kacey


Today we are going to a South Asian country with many mountains. We cannot name it because the government there says they are "closed" to the Gospel. It is dangerous for Christian missionaries to live there. But we Baptists have sent missionaries anyway, because it is so important that people everywhere have an opportunity to hear about Jesus. Our two missionaries we are talking about today we will call Marcia and Kacey - and you understand these are not their real names. Remember that our church supports these two missionaries, just as we support many missionaries serving in dangerous, "closed" countries - through the Cooperative Program. Through friendship with Marcia, a local woman we'll call Asha and her husband accepted Jesus as Savior. How could Asha and another new believer, Maya, share their Christian faith? Marcia and Kacey helped them start teaching classes on cooking, which they combined with Bible study. As the two new believers shared recipes on spaghetti and other dishes, they also taught the Bible to women who had not heard of Jesus. Today let us pray that the Lord will keep our missionaries Marcia and Kacey safe as they serve Him there in Asia. And let's pray that the Lord will bless these two new believers, Asha and Maya, as they share recipes for pasta, but also the only recipe for eternal salvation - main ingredient, Jesus!

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