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Jason & Kimberly Brewer


Today, I want to share a story with you from Serbia. That's a country in Eastern Europe that borders Hungary. The story is about Nina, a young Serbian woman. She got to know Jason and Kimberly,* two of the missionaries our church supports in Serbia through our Cooperative Program giving. As Nina learned about Jesus, she came to understand her need to have a relationship with Jesus Christ - and she committed her life to Him. As they say on those TV ads, "But wait! There's more!" Nina began praying that her mom, whose name is Ivana, would also come to know Jesus. A few days later, as Ivana was typing on her phone, a message appeared that said, "Have you met Jesus?" Now, Ivana did not type those words and they did not come in a message - they just appeared. Ivana accepted that the miracle message came from God and she went to talk to Nina about Jesus. Today, mother, daughter and a younger sister are believers in Jesus Christ! What a fantastic story of salvation! Let's pray that our missionaries, Jason and Kimberly, can lead many Serbians to Christ as they serve Him there!

*Name changed for security reasons

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