Southern Baptist Convention

Hank and Ruby Greene


Think for a moment about what it would take to tell Deaf people about Jesus. Well, it would take knowing sign language or some other special approach, wouldn't it? Now, think about reaching the 360 million Deaf scattered around the world in every nation there is. Now you begin to understand the immense challenge two of our missionaries, Hank and Ruby Greene, have as they try to reach the Deaf in Central Asia and the Middle East with the gospel. Our church supports Hank and Ruby as we give each month through the Cooperative Program. Hank and Ruby often use Bible stories as a way to teach, and they train deaf Christians to reach lost Deaf people. Sometimes the Lord helps in special ways. One deaf man told about a dream he had: He was climbing a mountain, and Jesus reached down to pull him up. Let's pray that God will cause many, many deaf people to dream about Jesus so they too can understand the gospel and become disciples.

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August 2019