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Josh and Meghan Baylor


Good news - we're going to Europe today! But we're not going to the pretty places they show in the travel ads. We're going to a continent where very few people know Jesus Christ as more than a curse word and where new evangelical churches are needed desperately. Josh and Meghan Baylor are missionaries we support through our Cooperative Program missions support system. Missionaries cannot personally share the gospel with everyone who needs to hear, rather they train local people who have come to faith in Christ. Some of these God will call as pastors and leaders. That's what happened with Peter, a man Josh and Meghan led to Christ. About a year later, in 2016, God called Peter to start a church in a nearby community. Peter, his wife and eight others began visiting, sharing the gospel and holding Bible studies. Within three months this new group held their first worship service, and 30 people attended. In Europe, East or West, this is unusual success to celebrate. Today let's pray for Josh and Meghan and for this new pastor and the many others our missionaries will enlist and train, first as disciples of Christ and then as leaders in kingdom work.

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August 2019