Southern Baptist Convention

Jeff and Jessica Vanderford


Today we're going to Tucson (say TOO-­sahn), a desert city in southern Arizona, where more than half a million people live. This is a big mission field because only about four percent of those people are evangelical believers. That means about 96 percent of the population has no relationship with Jesus Christ. Also, there are just a handful of Bible-­believing churches to share the gospel, so many, many churches are needed. That's why we are happy that Jeff and Jessica Vanderford moved to Tucson in 2014 and started Authentic Life Church. They are our missionaries because we support them through our church's Cooperative Program giving, and we want to pray for them today. Jeff and Jessica have set up home groups to help their church reach people in several neighborhoods. For Sunday worship they are still meeting in a local high school not far off Interstate 10, just south of downtown. Today let us pray for Jeff and Jessica and their two sons as they serve in this dry - and spiritually dry-place. Let's pray that their first church will grow and that many other new churches will follow!

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